PCR for Research and Routine Use: Biometra Thermal Cyclers

Biometra thermal cyclers are built with Analytic Jena’s PCR expertise for every user’s important samples, with suitable solutions for a variety of requirements and sophisticated operating concepts that offer error-free PCR results.

Features of the Biometra Thermal Cycler Portfolio

There is a perfect device for every user in the Analytik Jena thermal cycler portfolio. The Biometra product family offers PCR devices that range from standard equipment to premium equipment, which has all been designed according to the main requirements of reliability, convenience, and precision.

PCR for Research and Routine Use: Biometra Thermal Cyclers

Designed for error-free use in versatile laboratory environments, the Biometra thermal cyclers feature a universal block design and heating lid with High-Performance Smart Lid (HPSL) technology, enabling the unrestricted use of different plastic containers and plates.

PCR for Research and Routine Use: Biometra Thermal Cyclers

Users can also easily optimize their PCR protocols with the Linear Gradient Function (LGT) or the TOS (Temperature Optimization Step) function. Users can also enjoy full reliability with their results, as the high-precision block temperature control system gives high heating and cooling rates as well as optimum temperature homogeneity to achieve constant conditions across all sample positions.

PCR for Research and Routine Use: Biometra Thermal Cyclers

Intelligent with Detailed Precision

Working in the lab is made simpler with the Biometra thermal cyclers’ top-quality, detailed precision, which guarantees excellent results. The system is user-friendly, with self-explanatory, rapid operations with graphics and table programming options, and a protocol wizard. The systems are also GLP-compliant through advanced user management in the Biometra TAdvanced and Biometra TRIO systems.

The Biometra thermal cyclers are all extremely quiet and have a small footprint that saves space in the lab. Additionally, optimum air flow control ensures maximum performance can be achieved in any laboratory. An extended self-test also offers continual information on the device’s status.

PCR for Research and Routine Use: Biometra Thermal Cyclers

Biometra TAdvanced

The Biometra TAdvanced is the high-performance thermal cycler for DNA amplification by PCR.

The Biometra TRIO is a triple-powered thermal cycler for PCR. It provides three independent sample blocks, which can run three different PCR reactions in parallel.

Biometra TAdvanced - Biometra TRIO

Thermal Cyclers Technical Data

Biometra TOne

The Biometra TOne is the PCR standard for laboratories. Its robust and easy-to-use thermal cycler is well suited for the most common PCR applications. It features 96-wells with an optional 12-column gradient function, and fast pinpoint results can be gained thanks to a high heating rate of 4 °C/s.

PCR for Research and Routine Use: Biometra Thermal Cyclers

Biometra TAdvanced

Biometra TAdvanced offers state-of-the-art PCR technology. This flexible and high-quality thermal cycler offers a block quick-change system and 12 different block modules, with blocks for 0.2 ml, 0.5 ml tubes/plates, and 384-well plates.

High heating rates reaching up to 6 °C/s in aluminum blocks and up to 8 °C/s in silver blocks are all a possibility as a result of the optimal temperature control. Extended user management also offers individual user rights for up to 90 different users.

PCR for Research and Routine Use: Biometra Thermal Cyclers

Biometra TRIO

The Biometra TRIO offers three PCR devices in one. It is a unique PCR system that gives users maximum flexibility, in which three different PCR protocols can run at the same time.

Highly accurate block control and heating rates up to 5 °C/s provide fast and highly specific results. Users can benefit from the three sample blocks for 0.2 ml or 0.5 ml tubes/plates to amplify or incubate a large number of samples simultaneously, which is a level of versatility that will benefit laboratories regularly using new protocols. Professional user management is also perfect for laboratories with a large number of users.

PCR for Research and Routine Use: Biometra Thermal Cyclers

About Analytik Jena US

Analytik Jena is a provider of instruments and products in the areas of analytical measuring technology and life science. Its portfolio includes the most modern analytical technology and complete systems for bioanalytical applications in the life science area.

Comprehensive laboratory software management and information systems (LIMS), service offerings, as well as device-specific consumables and disposables, such as reagents or plastic articles, complete the Group’s extensive range of products.

About life science

The Life Science product area demonstrates the biotechnological competence of Analytik Jena AG. We provide a wide product spectrum for automated total, as well as individual solutions for molecular diagnostics. Our products are focused to offer you a quality and the reproducibility of your laboratory results.

This will surely ease your daily work and speed up your work processes in a certain way. All together we support you through the complete process of the lab work. Besides we offer customized solutions and are able to adapt our products to your needs. Automated high-throughput screening systems for the pharmaceutical sector are also part of this segment’s extensive portfolio.

About analytical instrumentation

Analytik Jena has a long tradition in developing high-performance precision analytical systems which dates back to the inventions made by Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss. We have grown to become one of the most innovative manufacturers of analytical measuring technology worldwide.

Our business unit Analytical Instrumentation offers excellent competencies in the fields of optical spectroscopy, sum parameters and elemental analysis. Being proud of our core competency we grant all our customers a long-term warranty of 10 years for our high-performance optics.

About lab automation

With more than 25 years of market experience, Analytik Jena with its CyBio® Product Line is a leading provider for high quality liquid handling and automation technologies. In the pharmaceutical and life science industries, our products enjoy the highest reputation for precision, reliability, robustness and simplicity.

Moreover, the Automation Team designs, produces and installs fully automated systems tailored to our clients' application, throughput and capacity requirements. From stand-alone CyBio® Well up to fully customized robotic systems we handle your compounds, biomolecules and cells with great care.

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