Artis Zee Magnetic Navigation System from Siemens

Artis zee Magnetic Navigation systems have been specifically designed for compatibility with the Stereotaxis NIOBE® Magnetic Navigation system. Available as a floor-mounted or biplane system with Magnetic Navigation and 20x20 flat detector, it offers excellent precision in guidewire and catheter steering.

Investment Confidence – High value utilization

  • Cost savings with streamlined procedures
  • Faster and versatile usage
  • Life is a value potential

Imaging Excellence – zee more during ablation

As two special members of the Artis zee family, Artis zee MN floor and Artis zee MN biplane deliver excellent imaging, including in the magnetic field. Both systems feature a 20 x 20 flat detector and a variety of leading-edge imaging applications and functions. From CT-like imaging to stent planning with 3D visualizations, Artis zee lets you see more.

Enhanced Workflow – User- and patient-friendly interventional procedures

Artis zee MN features intuitive user interfaces supporting smooth workflow. Bidirectional communication between the imaging system and the Magnetic Navigation system includes synchronized movements and a collision prevention function between the C-arm and magnets.