The NEW IMMULITE 2000 XPi is a continuous, random access analyzer with a throughput of up to 200 tests per hour. Customer input was the basis for this new design that maximizes workflow and enhances productivity for medium- to high- volume laboratories.

The IMMULITE 2000 XPi has the best-in-class reliability you expect from the IMMULITE family of products.

Enhanced software improves operator efficiency and increases walk-away time

Intuitive user interface with touch-screen access streamlines everything from remote test ordering to sophisticated analyses of results.

AutoStart capability

  • Schedules daily maintenance to run automatically
  • Schedules Auto Quality Control to run without operator assistance
  • Keeps the instrument in a “ready-to-run” state
  • Runs controls on demand or at preselected times
  • User-configurable proprietary auto-dilution and reflex testing functions meet individual testing needs.
  • Consumable Checklist† enables preloading of the system based on the average tests run for a given day and time.
  • Audit Trails† tracks operator login and logs operator’s initials for critical configuration changes.
  • RealTime SolutionsTM is a suite of web-based service products that monitor and support the system.

Plus, new advanced features increase productivity while reducing downtime

  • Auto Rack Loading allows sample racks to be placed on the system without pausing the instrument. The system can also be configured to automatically eject a rack once all samples have been pipetted or resulted.
  • Tube Top Sample Cup capability now enables the testing of small samples with minimal handling and no need to re-label.
  • A flat work surface is provided for your convenience.
  • Direct water feed and automated waste disposal capabilities are available.

Award Wining Service and Support

  • RealTime Solutions is a suite of web-based service and support products designed to maximize instrument uptime and reduce unplanned downtime for select ADVIA and IMMULITE systems.
  • Remote Diagnostics

In today's environment, support is key to maintaining laboratory services. Siemens has created RealTime Solutions™, which allows remote diagnostics by our Technical Services Group through the Internet. This service connects to our technical professionals, providing peace of mind.

After-Sales Training and Support

Siemens provides support for the IMMULITE 2000 XPi with:

  • An integral tutorial package that enables operators to navigate the instrument and understand the principles behind the technology
  • A training CD available to all laboratories, allowing for remote learning at the convenience of the operator
  • After-sales service that they can rely on

We are committed through our Quality Standards to support our customers in every way possible and continually strive to improve the service and support we offer.

Maximum Integration

  • Primary and secondary sampling as well as micro-sampling
  • LIS interface, including host query
  • Remote-test ordering via LIS
  • STAT capability
  • Open architecture to interface with lab automation or workcell configurations

Ease of Use

  • Unique user interface software for enhanced operation
  • Onboard refrigeration
  • Automatic monitoring of reagents, supplies, and waste
  • Minimal attendance, easy access, and limited maintenance
  • Online help