Artis Zeego Multi-Axis Imaging System from Siemens

As part of the Artis zee family of interventional imaging systems, Artis zeego is the first multi-axis system that can be positioned the way you want. What‘s more, it can be controlled with far greater ease and precision than a traditional floor- or ceiling-mounted system.

Artis zeego gives you greater positioning flexibility and broader coverage, including large volume crosssectional images up to 45 cm (17.7“) in diameter. Its height can be adjusted for individual operator preferences, reducing the fatigue associated with long procedures. With its compact park positions, it is also ideally suited for hybrid rooms, giving clinical teams excellent patient access.

Artis zeego is built on three pillars

Imaging Excellence

One of the most valuable Artis zeego features is its ability to provide large volume, cross-sectional syngo DynaCT 360 visualizations in a single 6-second sweep – in other words, CT-like coverage. Fast.

Enhanced Workflow

As demand for interventional procedures increases, so does the need for more efficient performance. Artis zeego meets the challenge by enabling your clinical team to work with greater ease and comfort.

Investment Confidence

Perform pre- and post operative high-end imaging directly in the OR.