BlueLine K BPR Series Refrigerators from KW Apparecchi Scientifici

The MEDICAL PROJECT line is ideal for biomedical and scientific research laboratories and for routine activities in research, recovery and diagnostic hospital units, as well as the preservation of medications -either close to hospitalisation units or distribution pharmacies.

It is characterised by manufacturing according to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards and in compliance with UNI EN EN61010 (CEI 66/5) laboratory regulations; it comes with full instrumentation and a variety of technical solutions that make it an absolutely specific and safe line for the products, operators and environment: in other words, it raises the quality of the activities carried out by the users themselves.

For scientific research laboratories, hospital pharmacies, hospitalisation departments and pharmacy distributors.

Description of K BPR

The instruments furnished are typical for high-level professional and scientific refrigerators. This makes it a very secure laboratory system that gives optimum T stability.

The Medical Project line has the following features:

  • manufacturing according to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards
  • conformity to UNI EN 61010-1 standards
  • tropicalised refrigeration system capable of working in critical environmental conditions, and internal ventilated refrigeration suitable for GMP
  • specific (and unique!) electronic digital control for refrigeration in the biomedical and pharmaceutical field, suitable for GMP
  • series of possible accessories that complete the equipment, including data logger, recorders, alarm management modules via SMS, wireless, local keyboard, LCD display, etc.
  • operation temperature from 0 °C to +15 °C
  • power supply V230/1/Hz50


External cabinet in white pre-enamelled or plasticised steel sheets, internal surface in special non-abrasive thermoformed plastic with rounded edges for maximum hygiene and cleanliness; front support feet; reversible door with key lock, ergonomic handle and magnetic gaskets; insulation with CFC- and HCFC-free polyurethane foam with a density of 42 Kg/m3, and refrigerating circuit with HFC and/or other environmentally-friendly refrigerants.

The door can be white or glass, with double chamber and the use of inert gases for maximum guarantee against clouding; it comes with a micro switch to block, upon opening, the operation of the vent and refrigeration, obtaining the least alteration in the internal T that would be delivered by the exchange of air in the work chamber.
Opening the door is signalled by an intermittent visual alarm that flashes on the temperature control display.

Internal lighting activated by opening the door in models with blind doors, and by an external switch in models with glass doors.

Models KBPR 180C and KBPR 180V are also ideal for under-the-counter installations.


Refrigeration of the internal chamber through a ventilated evaporator on the internal back surface for best temperature uniformity; automatic defrost with automatic evaporation of the condensation water. Airtight compressor (very silent) and air condensation, both ventilated, for maximum reliability even in critical environmental conditions.

Tropicalised refrigeration system: since pharmacy refrigerators are frequently opened, very efficient airtight compressors have been installed to provide fast, powerful cooling, thus keeping T constant even in heavy operation conditions, and with lower maintenance costs.

Thermoregulation and control:

Command panel with:

  • Lighted main ON/OFF switch
  • Electronic digital control with μP, SLC (Silver Line Control) and LED display, for an integrated management of: refrigeration, compressor status, defrost status, alarm signalling, internal vent status, T sensor status, power supply status, etc.
  • Visual and sound T min/max alarm (buzzer can be muted)
  • Visual and sound alarm when the door is open
  • Power failure flashing visual alarm
  • Power failure alarm (optional, with standard provision)
  • Contacts for remote alarm signalling


  • Pivoting wheel kit
  • Additional grilled shelf
  • Removable (drilled) drawer on sliding and anti-rollover rails (available in ABS plastic, aluminium or stainless steel) (max 3 in KBPR180C-V, max 5 in KBPR 310C-V, max 6 in KBPR400C-V, max 6 in KBPR600C-V)
  • Internal divisions (for drawers) in plastic material
  • Visual-Sound power failure alarm, 12-VDC power supply with backup 2.3 Ah battery (estimated duration, 3 years)
  • Data logger with holder to transfer data onto PC and CD by means of data download software in Windows
  • T graphical recorder with weekly cycle and 1.5 VDC power supply
  • Electronic video graphical or strip-chart recorder with V230/1/50Hz power supply
  • Data Pocket kit for AC models
  • Additional RTD Pt 100 Ohm sensor to connect to an external system for the acquisition and recording of T values, such as T-GUARD®, SensiNet® or similar.
  • Additional RTD Pt sensor complete with 4-20 mA converter mounted on a DIN bar to connect to an external recording system
  • Alarm management module with T sensors and up to 8 digital input/output adapters; up to 8 analog inputs; through wireless, dual-band GSM SMS with control monitor, alarms via the GSM cellular network, local keyboard and LCD display; with internal GSM modem
  • Internal-external through-hole with rubber stopper
  • Voltage regulator