BlueLine K-LAB ATVANGUARD Line Refrigerators and Freezers from KW Apparecchi Scientifici

Within the KLAB line, KW has introduced the ATVANGUARD LINE®, which offers many innovative characteristics and is already projected for the near future, when power consumption and respect for the environment will be regulated by increasingly harsher standards and laws, and when users will be highly sensitised to this topic.

This series of refrigerators and freezers at -20°C is the result of many of KW’s research objectives regarding the attainment of lower power consumption:

  • standard average thickness of 75 mm., which in itself reduces power consumption by about 20% with respect to the standard KLAB series, which has 60 mm. insulation
  • the adoption of hot gas defrosting, to avoid heated resistances and the associated consumption of electricity
  • the standard application on all models is the NIA (New Ice Age) control system, which includes:
  • intelligent defrosting, not simply scheduled, to reduce the costs entailed by frosting and functional issues regarding refrigeration efficiency
  • environmental adaptability, with automatic variations in the angular velocity of the condensation ventilators, to keep the condensation T as constant as possible, even if laboratory environmental conditions do change; in refrigeration there are, in fact, 2-3% increases in power consumption when there is a T increase of 1 °C at the condenser
  • A single-body refrigerating group including:
  • a condenser with extensive surface and high heat exchange efficiency; these reduces the difference between high (HP) and low (LP) pressure, with an increase in the COP (Coefficient Of Performance ) and lower power consumption;
  • an evaporator scoped for small T (between 5 and 10 °C, for example); and for reduced pressure losses; all to reduce the difference between high (HP) and low (LP) pressure, with an increase in COP;
  • an automatic evaporation system of the condensation water, with uses the refrigerant in the superheated steam stage without having to use heated resistances -and the consumption of electricity associated to them;
  • reduced refrigerant load, completely welded and sealed to reduce environmental impact risks in case of leak.

ATVANGUARD LINE® is a very prestigious series, with the following standard equipment:

  • ingle-body structure, with polyurethane resin foamed on site.
  • hinged front dashboard for easy access to the electrical system and the single-body refrigerating equipment
  • all internal and external surfaces made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • all internal angles rounded
  • removable magnetic gaskets for easy cleaning
  • removable racks
  • tropicalised execution of the refrigerating system (room T up to +43 °C);
  • all other characteristics that are common to the KLAB line


  • Pivoting/Fixed wheel kit
  • Supplementary grilled shelves in plasticised or chromed steel
  • Supplementary grilled shelves in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Removable (drilled) drawer in AISI stainless steel, mounted on anti-rollover sliding rails
  • Internal divisions (for drawers) in plastic material
  • Visual-Sound power failure alarm, 12-VDC power supply with backup 2.3 Ah battery (estimated duration, 3 years)
  • Disk recorder with weekly cycle and 1.5 VDC battery power supply
  • Strip-chart electronic recorder with V230/1/50Hz power supply
  • Electronic touch screen video graphical recorder based on microprocessor technology to be a small process supervisor (upon request for different models and configurations, also conforming to FDA 21 CFR part 11)
  • Additional RTD Pt 100 Ohm sensor to connect to an external system for the acquisition and recording of T values, such as T-GUARD®, SensiNet® or similar.
  • Additional RTD Pt sensor complete with 4-20 mA converter mounted on a DIN bar to connect to an external recording system
  • Intelligent temperature transmitter, configurable via HART protocol as RTDs, TCs, Ohm and mV; 2-wire technology with 4-mA current output and galvanic insulation
  • Closure of the command panel in plastic material
  • Internal electric outlet + external magnetothermal switch
  • Internal-external through-hole with rubber stopper
  • Cabinet with adapter for connection to a remote group
  • Remote alarm device
  • Cryogenic gloves
  • Voltage regulator
  • POWER SUPPLY V115/1/60Hz