BlueLine KBPR 400V2T Pharmacy Refrigerator from KW Apparecchi Scientifici

The KBPR 400V2T refrigerator is ideal for distribution pharmacies and medical laboratories. It is characterised by manufacturing according to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards, and in compliance with UNI EN 61010 regulations for laboratory devices, in addition to the most rigorous environmental norms with ecological refrigerants and low power consumption. It also comes with full instrumentation and a variety of technical solutions that make it an absolutely essential line to guarantee the correct preservation of pharmaceutical products, as recommended by the Official Pharmacopoeia and absolutely specific and safe for medical laboratories.

These models have been especially conceived to guarantee suitable conservation conditions for all types of pharmaceutical products, according to the indications of pharmaceutical companies, allowing pharmacists the freedom to work as per Table 6 of the Official Pharmacopoeia -which states, among mandatory equipment: “Refrigeration cabinet capable of insuring suitable preservation conditions, including temperature limits where anticipated”.


External structure in white pre-enamelled or plasticised steel, internal surface in non-abrasive thermoformed plastic. Insulation with CFC- and HCFC-free polyurethane and refrigerating circuits using R134-a. Ventilated refrigeration in both compartments by means of ventilators and evaporators placed on the back walls. Ventilation is controlled by micro switches on the doors, which turn off the ventilators when the doors are opened: this guarantees there will not be fast replacement of the internal air with warm air from the environment, which is particularly significant in terms of quality, while repeatedly opening the door, as is the case in distribution pharmacies.
Automatic defrost with automatic evaporation of the condensation water.

Two reversible glass doors with key lock. Pivoting wheels (two with brakes), useful to move the refrigerator.

Internal lighting in both compartments, activated by a panel switch.

Two airtight air compressors, ventilated for maximum reliability even in critical environmental conditions (tropicalisation).


  • Lighted main ON/OFF switch
  • Lighted switch for internal light
  • Electronic digital control with microprocessor and LED display, for an integrated management of all functions: refrigeration, compressor, defrost, alarm, internal evaporator vents, etc.
  • Visual and sound T min/max alarm (buzzer can be muted)
  • Flashing visual door open alarm
  • Contacts for remote alarm signalling: this allows the user to know, in real time, about operation abnormalities, because the device can be connected with telephone dials and, in general, all alarm devices.


  • Additional shelf
  • Removable (drilled) drawer (available in ABS plastic, aluminium or stainless steel) mounted on sliding and anti-rollover rails for medicinal products (max. 3 per compartment)
  • Plastic divisions for drawers
  • Visual-Sound power failure alarm, 12-VDC power supply with backup 2.3 Ah battery (estimated duration, 3 years)
  • Double-trace disk recorder with weekly cycle and 1.5 VDC power supply