BlueLine K-LAB Premanufactured Vertical Refrigerators and Freezers from KW Apparecchi Scientifici

KW has finalised a broad range of KLAB biological refrigerators, with premanufactured models destined to meet even the demands of large research Centres and/or Hospital laboratories, nursing homes, pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical distribution companies, etc. They are built with modular, prefab structures; ideal for assembly ate the premises of the final user.

The structure is in sandwich-type panels, constituted of two metal support between which a rigid CFC- and HCFC-free polyurethane foam is injected, in order to provide thermal insulation. The isolation thickness depends on the operation T; 60 mm (positive T), 100 mm (negative T). Regarding footprint (dimensions), KW offers different solutions with respect to the implementation, system equipment and customisation, to fully meet the demands of its customer base.

The KLAB-PS Standard line has predefined models and volumes, and can be customised only with respect to the refrigerating system: single-body, split, double-system (version TG).

Internal width, 830 mm. Internal modular pitch length, 800 mm. Internal height, 2,030 mm. External height, 2,150 mm. for thickness of 60 mm., and 2,230 for thickness of 100 mm. Walls, roof and floors available in: Zinc-plated sheet with white enamel, or in AISI 304 STAINLESS steel.

Vertical and horizontal joints with angulars in foamed sheets. Rounded angles on all internal edges. Rounded external vertical angles. Insulation in CFC- and HCFC-free polyurethane.

  • Blind or glass doors with magnetic gaskets, spring hinges and key lock.
  • Grilled shelves mounted on hinges (standard 4 shelves per door compartment).
  • Store-room lighting controlled by a micro switch on the door (on the doors) in C model; or controlled by a switch placed on the control panel in V models.

Ventilated refrigeration with uniform temperature and automatic interruption via a micro switch when the door is opened. Airtight compressor with air condensation. Single-body refrigeration system on the upper part of the cabinet. The system’s dimensions have been designed to guarantee the internal T, even in difficult environmental conditions: guaranteed refrigerating power at about + 45 °C condensation.


  • Kit with six wheels
  • Refrigeration electric system at full supply (TG version)
  • Additional grilled shelf
  • Removable (drilled) drawer in AISI 304 stainless steel, mounted on anti-rollover sliding rails
  • Internal divisions (for drawers) in plastic material
  • Visual-Sound power failure alarm, 12-VDC power supply with backup 2.3 Ah battery (estimated duration, 3 years)
  • Graphical temperature disk recorder with weekly cycle and 1.5V battery for continuous, autonomous operation in the absence of utility power
  • Strip-chart electronic recorder with V230/1/50 power supply
  • Electronic video graphical recorder (available upon request in a broad range of models)
  • Additional RTD Pt 100 Ohm sensor to connect to an external system for the acquisition and recording of T values, such as T-GUARD®, SensiNet® or similar.
  • Additional RTD Pt sensor complete with 4-20 mA converter mounted on a DIN bar to connect to an external recording system
  • Closure of the command panel in plastic material
  • Internal electric outlet + external magnetothermal switch
  • Internal-external through-hole with rubber stopper
  • Cabinet with adapter for connection to a remote group (split version of the refrigeration system)
  • Refrigerating system with two completely independent refrigerating groups, both for the electrical and fluid-dynamics circuits and alternating operation (see TG models).
  • Remote alarm device
  • Cryogenic gloves
  • Voltage regulator
  • Power supply V115/1/60Hz