Siesta i Breasy Anesthesia Machine from Philips

The Siesta i Breasy is an anesthesia machine characterized by a distinctive Scandinavian design and with plenty of room for add-on accessories:

  • Integrated breathing system
  • Same bag-in-bottle for adults and infants
  • Microprocessor-controlled ventilator with LCD screen
  • Suitable for low and minimal flow
  • Reliable safety features
  • Space-saving design
  • Long lifetime at low total cost of ownership

Microprocessor-controlled ventilator

Using the 5” LCD digital and graphical display, operators can set key parameters, such as respiration rate, bag-in-bottle volume and oxygen analysis. The three ventilation modes are: volume controlled ventilation (VCV), manual and spontaneous.

Integrated breathing system (IBS)

Our integrated breathing system integrates an ascending bagin-bottle, patient circuit and CO2 absorber in one compact unit. That requires only two tubings — for inspiration and expiration — between the breathing system and the patient. The bag-in-bottle is suitable for adults and infants.

Setting up for an operation is faster, and cleaning easier. It takes less than a minute to take the breathing system apart for cleaning without need of special tools. The foolproof design rules out the risk of reassembly errors.

Reliable safety features

The Siesta i Breasy has a number of built-in safety features, including:

  • Hypoxic guard function, ensuring minimum 25% oxygen in the oxygen/nitrous oxide mix.
  • A slave regulator cuts off nitrous oxide and gives an audible alarm in case of a failed oxygen supply
  • A fresh gas switch between the integrated breathing system and the auxiliary gas outlet
  • Switch for automatic/manual ventilation
  • An oxygen flow meter with separate outlet, including tube nipple, and integrated patient suction unit
  • Built-in battery backup