Siesta i Whispa Anesthesia Machine from Philips

Forget about time-consuming, multiple tubing connections between the anesthesia machine, breathing system and patient. Our integrated breathing system (IBS) integrates an ascending bag-in-bottle, patient circuit and CO2 absorber in one compact unit.

That means no tubings between the breathing system and the machine and only two tubings — for inspiration and expiration — between the breathing system and the patient. Manual bag connection is located under the manual respiration valve.

Setting up for an operation is faster, and cleaning easier. In less than a minute, the machine can be taken apart for cleaning, without any need of special tools. The foolproof design rules out the risk of reassembly errors after cleaning.


Ascending bellows prevent air from being drawn into the breathing system in the event of a leakage. Capacity up to 1500 ml, suitable for adults, infants and neonates.


Yellow valve flaps enable visual supervision of inspiration and expiration. A handy manual respiration valve is also integrated with pressure, closed and spontaneous modes.

i-SORB absorber

Available in re-usable or disposable versions, the i-SORB eliminates waste of unused soda lime due to its flowoptimized design. A sensor detects when the absorber is mounted. The absorber can be replaced while the machine is in operation. Soda lime capacity is 900 g.