Siesta i TS Anesthesia Machine from Philips

The Siesta i TS brings to healthcare one of the most innovative anesthesia machines on the market. Through listening to hospital staff, co-operating with software developers and applying our own broad expertise, we have come up with a machine to satisfy all needs - and more. The first special feature to meet the eye is the slim, Scandinavian design. Put the Siesta i TS to work, and the many other benefits quickly come to light:

  • Continuous platform development
  • Long lifetime at low total cost of ownership
  • Integrated breathing system (IBS)
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Microprocessor-controlled ventilator with eight ventilation modes incl. PRVT
  • Electronic gas mixer and optional multigas monitor
  • High-level safety features
  • Space-saving design

Responsive, reliable and endlessly flexible, the Siesta i TS is a strong, easy-to-use solution in every operating theatre.