Porvair Sciences range of solid bottom assay plates is specifically designed for absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence and scintillation applications.

384 Well Plates

384-well assay plates from Porvair Sciences are available in black, white and clear. These have been optimised for fluorescence, luminescence/scintillation and ELISA/turbidity measurements respectively. There are two working volumes: 30μl/well or 120μl/well. All 384-well assay plates are available in standard, high bind and tissue culture treated formats.

Round well low volume

The low volume 384-well assay plate is designed for high throughput screening with 30μl total volume to reduce the amount of sample and reagent required for the assay.


  • Specially rounded well to allow pipette tip access to the bottom of the well without interference
  • Rounded edges to reduce droplet formation
  • Provides a total liquid capacity of 30μl or 5μl per well
  • Unique moulding technique to achieve superb flatness to a tolerance of +/-0.2mm
  • Standard height plate (14.7mm) for greater ease of automation
  • Standard ANSI/SLAS format

Square well plates

The 384-well format, with its higher density of wells, allows more work to be carried out in a standard sized plate, aiding higher throughput. Well volume is 120μl per well. All of these plates are manufactured from high quality polystyrene.


  • Designed to reduce well-to-well crosstalk
  • Black plates have low background fluorescence and minimise light scattering
  • White plates enhance bio- & chemi-luminescence signals and have low background luminescence and fluorescence
  • Well working volumes of 100μl
  • Rounded square at the well bottom to reduce wicking
  • Low residual volume
  • Designed to the standard ANSI/SLAS format
  • Alphanumerically labelled wells mean samples can be stored and easily traced