QIAGEN launches human siRNA library sets

Prime Standard QIA a leading supplier of products and technologies for nucleic acid separation, purification and handling today announced that it has launched a series of off-the-shelf human library siRNA sets, covering a broad gene family selection including kinases, GPCRs, apoptosis related genes, and oncogenes, to name a few.

All siRNA designs were accomplished using the HiPerformance siRNA design algorithm that QIAGEN licensed from Novartis Pharma AG.

Along with the introduction of these library siRNA sets, QIAGEN also announced the launch of Custom siRNA sets where researchers provide their targeted genes of interest and QIAGEN provide siRNA design using the same Novartis algorithm. "Technologies in RNAi are getting more and more sophisticated, especially in siRNA design.

QIAGEN believes that HiPerformance siRNA design algorithm represents the best siRNA design tool to-date. All siRNAs designed using this algorithm.

The exceptional quality of the algorithm sets new standards in siRNA design and allows QIAGEN to offer siRNA products designed on this basis to be offered with a customer satisfaction guarantee," said Patrick Weiss, QIAGEN's Vice President of Gene Silencing and co-inventor of the TOM RNA chemistry. "With the introduction of these library siRNA sets, researchers now have an off-the-shelf, high throughput RNAi solution that covers broad gene families.


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