BMA Cymru Wales to launch no smoking campaign

BMA Cymru Wales will tomorrow be launching its 'Let the Dragon Breathe' poster campaign at the National Assembly for Wales after a meeting of the Assembly's committee on smoking in public places.

Dr Richard Lewis, Welsh Secretary of the BMA said: "Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in Wales, and smoke free public places - including workplaces - undoubtedly save lives.

"Non smokers exposed to second hand smoke have higher risks of lung cancer (24%), chronic respiratory disease (25%) ischaemic heart disease (34%) and asthma (40-60%).

"30 minutes of second hand exposure changes blood supply and clotting in non-smokers.

"Tobacco giant Phillip Morris said in an internal memo: "(T)he economic arguments often used by the industry to scare off smoking ban activity were no longer working?.. These arguments simply had no credibility with the public, which isn't surprising when you consider that our dire predictions is the past rarely came true"

"The poster campaign which we are launching tomorrow will hopefully help to guide public opinion towards a complete ban. Surveys across Wales already reveal that a large percentage of people favour a ban in public places. As health professionals who deal with the consequences of tobacco day in day out in hospitals and surgeries, we want to convince everyone that lives could be saved: perhaps your life."


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