Nanotechnology company pSivida granted European patent

Nanotechnology company pSivida has announced that its UK operating subsidiary pSiMedica Limited has been granted a further patent for BioSiliconTM.

European Patent Number 1309309 relates to the invention of formulations that contain silicon (Bio-mirrors) – a novel form of BioSilicon™ that can reflect or block light at predetermined selective wavelengths. pSivida is the first company in the world to create biodegradable reflective surfaces for healthcare applications. Recently, pSivida incorporated a new Australian based subsidiary, AION Diagnostics to develop the diagnostic applications of such biodegradable reflective surfaces.

This patent specifically relates to the topical use of such Bio-mirrors as a means of protecting the skin from the detrimental effects of certain wavelengths of light where effective sunscreens are a vital component of daily protection against skin cancer and premature aging.

The pSivida Bio-mirror consists of microscopic (micron-sized) silicon particles that are constructed through the generation of layers of silicon of varying porosity. Such structures are known to diffract light selectively, and the wavelength of diffracted light can be tuned to the desired application. An additional advantage of such Bio-mirrors is the ability to load the BioSiliconTM particle with suitable dermatological agents. Currently there are extensive formulations servicing the multibillion-dollar sunscreen and skin protection market. Furthermore, unlike many of the current materials used in sunscreens such as Zinc and Titanium, Bio-mirrors are biodegradable, so any material absorbed by the skin can safely dissolve.

pSivida is actively exploring the commercialization Bio-mirrors with potential partners in the field of sunscreens and dermatology. In this competitive area there are relatively few new technologies. pSivida expects the Bio-mirror technology to establish a new product platform for dermatological products.


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