Patent granted for novel collagen delivery system

Hydroderm announced today that after years of clinical research, Hydroderm's exclusive Collagen Infusion Delivery System was granted a U.S. patent.

The system delivers whole molecules of marine collagen directly to the skin. Until now, collagen delivery deep beneath the skin's surface was only available through direct injections that are often costly, painful and invasive, oftentimes with adverse side effects.

This patent gives Hydroderm the exclusive right to utilize the Collagen Infusion Delivery System for its cosmetic formulas. Combined with Vyo-Serum protein concentrate, the product will provide lift and vitality to the skin by producing an immediate tightening effect and increasing the skin's moisture content. The entire line of Hydroderm products was created with the idea that beauty can be achieved without extreme measures. From the Fast-Acting Wrinkle Reducer to the Instant Lip Enhancer, Hydroderm offers an affordable, painless way for consumers to look and feel their best.

Hydroderm's patented Collagen Infusion Delivery System is a liquid-based solution that allows collagen and proteins to be transferred directly below the epidermis, or top layer of skin, without injections or the need for a doctor's prescription. The U.S. patent is backed by a clinical study that demonstrates the efficacy of Hydroderm's Fast Acting Wrinkle Reducer. Results of the study reveal that Hydroderm's Wrinkle Reducer, with the Collage Infusion Delivery System's revolutionary technology, is the only product clinically proven to deliver collagen directly to the skin without injections and reverse the signs of certain aspects of skin aging, primarily in people over the age of 40. During initial penetration tests with Hydroderm's Collagen Infusion System, scientists found that it only took 60 minutes for 95 percent of the formula to penetrate the skin and reach the desired location. In double blind clinical studies, subjects experienced up to 64 percent wrinkle reduction in three months.

"With cosmetic surgery in the forefront of media these days, many brands are making bold claims that their products effectively reduce the signs of aging," says Don Ressler, executive vice president of Alena, Hydroderm's parent company. "This patent for our breakthrough in cosmetic science proves that Hydroderm, unlike other products, is a leader in the anti-aging category. We have clinical results and a U.S. patent behind our product, assuring consumers that Hydroderm really works."


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