Sexologist unveils a formula for a better sex life

After centuries of human sexual relations, a leading expert today unveiled the 'Sexual Quotient' (SQ), a formula to help couples assess and improve their sex lives.

The brainchild of leading Brazilian sexologist, Dr Carmita Abdo, the SQ provides a benchmark for assessing sexual performance and satisfaction based on global physical and emotional parameters. The test results help couples identify areas needing improvement, thus providing them the opportunity for experiencing 'great sex', an important component of intimate relationships.

Dr Abdo's SQ comes in the form of a 10-point self-assessment questionnaire covering the entire sexual cycle including foreplay, erection quality, orgasm and intercourse satisfaction. The SQ incorporates information and insights gained from global research by Pfizer, discoverer and developer of the world's leading treatment for erectile dysfunction.

"There is a huge amount of interest and speculation about what 'being good in bed' is all about," said Dr Abdo.

"The SQ introduces an element of objectivity into the debate. My initial SQ tool is geared for men, in part because they are performance-driven, yet many do not have a clue about what constitutes great sex. The SQ provides a benchmark for the man to evaluate his sexual capacity, performance and sexual satisfaction. From this he can engage in a dialogue with his partner to determine what elements need improvement so that both of them can enjoy a sexually fulfilling life."

Dr Abdo unveiled the SQ at an international press conference in London, as part of Pfizer-sponsored activities in conjunction with the European Society for Sexual Medicine Congress. She was joined by Dr Hilary Jones, a leading UK physician and media doctor, and three ED patients, who have improved their erectile function and sexual experience thanks to treatment.

The three patients - from the UK, Canada and Taiwan - are part of a global initiative aimed at encouraging men to take responsibility for their sexual health.

"The SQ draws in part on global research conducted by Pfizer from more than 27,000 men and women from 26 countries," said Ivan Levinson, Global Medical Director with Pfizer Inc. "We have learned in our research - and this is reflected in the SQ - that the male desire for sexual intimacy and satisfaction is highly associated with a man's ability and satisfaction is highly associated with a man's ability to achieve hard and reliable erections.

"Thus, erection quality, combined with overall libido, powers of seduction, skilled foreplay and true intimacy all contribute to great sex and sexual satisfaction for the man and his partner."

About the Sexual Quotient

A man's sexual quotient (SQ) is determined by his overall response to 10 questions, based on his previous six months of sexual activity. Depending on the question, the answers correspond to either frequency or sexual satisfaction and graded along a continuum from zero (never) to five (always).

The combined score, when multiplied by two, constitutes a personal SQ out of 100. (This is not to be confused with the Intelligence Quotient, which has an average of 100). Within this overall SQ, are marks that rate satisfaction levels for parameters such as libido, seduction, erection quality and orgasm.

Measuring Your Sexual Quotient - The Self Assessment Questionnaire

The male version of the Sexual Quotient includes the following ten questions:

  1. Is your libido high enough to encourage you to initiate sexual intercourse?

  2. Do you feel your powers of seduction are sufficient to make you confident to engage in sexual intercourse?

  3. Do you feel foreplay is enjoyable and satisfying for both you and your partner?

  4. Is your own sexual performance ever affected by your partner's sexual satisfaction and ability to climax?

  5. Can you maintain an erection sufficiently in order to complete sexual activity with a satisfying orgasm?

  6. After sexual stimulation, is your erection hard enough to ensure intercourse with a satisfying orgasm?

  7. Are you able to maintain an erection consistently during sexual activity?

  8. Are you able to control ejaculation so that sexual activity lasts as long as you want?

  9. Are you able to reach orgasm and climax during sex?

  10. .Does your sexual performance encourage you to enjoy sex more frequently?

Your score fits into the following categories:

81 - 100 Hot sex life: I am very sexually satisfied and enjoy my sex life to the full

61 - 80 Warm sex life: I enjoy sex but there is some room for improvement

41 - 60 Tepid sex life: I am concerned that my sexual enjoyment really could be better

21 - 40 Disappointing sex life: I feel that my sex life does not give me enough satisfaction

0-20 Frustrated sex life: I am very concerned that I gain more enjoyment from a good book than from my sex life

Dr Carmita Abdo, PhD in Psychiatry is an Associate Professor of the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Sao Paulo Medical School. (Brazil)

She is the founder of, and continues to co-ordinate, the Sexuality Project (ProSex) at the Psychiatry Institute of the Clinical Hospital. ProSex is a multitask group of teaching, research, health assistance and community services in the area of sexuality.

An author and member of the Brazilian Medical Society, Dr Abdo co-ordinated the most comprehensive study on Brazilian Sexual Behaviour (ECOS) in 2000 and a broader study in 2003 about Brazilian Sexual Life (EVSB).

Psychiatry Institute of Sao Paulo University Medical School and Pfizer


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