Study shows new atopic dermatitis therapy significantly delays onset of flares

Stiefel Laboratories, the world's largest independent pharmaceutical company specializing in dermatology, announced that a recent study shows MimyX Cream extends the remission period of atopic dermatitis (AD) by 48 percent when used in conjunction with an emollient compared to emollient alone.

MimyX Cream, Stiefel's new product for managing the signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis, is a steroid-free, topical Rx therapy for the management of the disease, commonly referred to as eczema.

Most eczema patients will experience periods of "flares" where they have noticeable signs and symptoms of AD alternating with periods of remission where no symptoms are present. According to the 12-week MimyX study involving 74 individuals, MimyX Cream extends AD remission by 48 percent and may actually reduce the total number of flares a person experiences. The study also shows a 25 percent greater incidence of AD flare-ups on the side of the body where only an emollient was used, as opposed to the side of the participant's body where MimyX Cream was used in conjunction with an emollient.

"The data collected in this study is very beneficial for understanding and managing atopic dermatitis," said Dr. Joseph Fowler, University of Louisville. "By extending the remission of eczema, we can reduce the total number of flares a patient may experience, and quite possibly lessen the need for adjunctive therapy such as steroids, immunomodulators and systemic antihistamines."

MimyX Cream is unique from other eczema treatments in that it can be used throughout the AD continuum. MimyX Cream can be used along with a short-term anti-inflammatory agent during flares and it can also be used without the anti-inflammatory for daily management during remission.

According to Jim Hartman, Vice President, U.S. Marketing, Stiefel, this is a significant finding.

"This study justifies MimyX as a potential foundation therapy for atopic dermatitis," Hartman said. "Not only is it useful for the management of the signs and symptoms of AD, it has also been shown clinically to extend remission periods of the disease."



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