Biomoda files for patent protection for porphyrin molecule

Biomoda, Inc. is expanding its patent portfolio with an additional patent pending for the use of its patented porphyrin molecule as part of a sophisticated cancer drug delivery system.

"The porphyrin molecule, which resembles a key component of blood, could be used in vivo to deliver a drug directly into a cancer tumor as part of cancer therapy because of its affinity and ability to carry or piggyback other molecules and various metals," said John Cousins, President of Biomoda. "It also could play a significant role in imaging human cancer."

"We are building a patent portfolio to protect the many uses of this extraordinary molecule," Mr. Cousins said. "For instance, the patented porphyrin molecule binds to cancerous or pre-cancerous cells extracted from body fluids and the cancerous cells subsequently glow red under a florescent light, allowing detection under a microscope. Normal cells will not fluoresce," Mr. Cousins said.


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