Tabelands towns to have fluoridated water by 2011

As part of a Queensland Government initiative, plans are afoot to introduce fluoride into the water supplies of a number of towns on the Tablelands, in the state's far north by 2011.

This includes towns such as Kuranda, Malanda and Yungaburra with populations of 1,000 people which will be required to provide fluoridated water under new regulations.

Tom Gilmore the Tablelands Regional Council Mayor says that while some people have environmental concerns, the council has no choice but to implement the policy.

The aim is for 95% of Queensland drinking water to be fluoridated by the year 2012.

Water fluoridation means controlled amounts of fluoride are added the public water supply in order to reduce tooth decay and was first used in the U.S. in the 1940s, after researchers discovered that moderate fluoridation prevents cavities.

The process got off to a start with the fluoridation of south-east Queensland water supplies on Monday at a water treatment plant in Molendinar, north of the Gold Coast, but it may not reach the taps for another two weeks.

It is hoped that the introduction of fluoridated water will improve the state's poor dental health record, that shows Queensland children have 30-40% more tooth decay than children from other states.

Claims that the fluoride used came from China and is contaminated, have been denied by the Queensland Health Minister Stephen Robertson who says the top-quality product was from Belgium and Queenslanders need not be concerned as the water would be tested daily.

Experts say fluoridation of the water does not provide an instant fix for decaying teeth and good oral hygiene is still essential and for Queensland children the benefits may not be evident for another five years.

Parents in areas affected are advised to stop giving their children fluoride supplements as excess fluoride could cause dental fluorosis, which mottles or stains teeth.

While water fluoridation remains for many a contentious issue it is carried out in many developed countries such as the U.S. and Britain.


  1. Yeah Yeah United States says:

    Although this post is still old, I thought the information would be relative.  In the early 1900's a unseen hand began to wrap it's hands around this world and the US.  The relativity of this is how fluoride negatively effects us.  I cannot argue if or if not fluoride positively effects your teeth.  Fluoride, if it does indeed positively effect tooth decay, is recommended in a topical application only.  This means that drinking it will have -zero- benefit, in fact consuming fluoride is extremely harmful to your body.  Fluoride can be compared to chlorine (something you will likely also find in your water), I won't go into depths concerning what chlorine does to your body, but it is stated that it is the cause of the tremendous rise in heart disease, and a strong increase in cancers of all kinds.

    There is a substance that is often handed out like candy to anyone who might feel emotions, these substances are often called 'anti-depressants'.  As shocking as it may come to be learned by anyone, fluoride is a prime ingredient in an anti-depressant.  Why would they put fluoride in an anti-depressant?  Because that is one of the terrible ideas around what fluoride does to the human body and mind, it essentially prevents a person from caring about anything and installing a level of apathy and stupidity in an individual.  Fluoride slows and stops the growth of the brain in human beings, it literally makes them less intelligent.  This substance is being indoctrinated under lies to essentially enslave the human race.  I am a skeptic at heart.  I have much doubt and paranoia in those I trust and love and who I am friends with and meet by chance.  I feel that skepticism and question are natural and essential to your livelihood which is why I implore you to look deeper into the details I have written.  The man behind the counter or the guy with the white jacket might try and tell you something that is untrue, for reasons that involve petty profits and power, but you must always seek the truth.

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