Canada's doctors send strong message to New Brunswick Government

At their General Council Meeting in Saskatoon today, Canada's doctors strongly supported the New Brunswick Medical Society's struggle against their government's violation of a duly ratified contract agreement.

"Delegates overwhelmingly supported their New Brunswick colleagues' quest for fairness," said incoming Canadian Medical Association President, Dr. Anne Doig. "Using the economic downturn to back away from negotiated contracts - as the Graham Government has done - is just not on."

While doctors recognize the financial challenges facing all governments, they strongly condemn New Brunswick's unilateral action and warned that it could have dire consequences for health care in the province.

"Doctors work hard to do what's best for their patients. In return, they expect support and respect from their governments," added Dr. Doig. "Any challenge to that fundamental relationship will be actively opposed by physicians from all corners of this country."

"The Canadian Medical Association will take every appropriate measure to support the doctors of New Brunswick," concluded Dr. Doig. "Canada's doctors call on Premier Graham to scrap this draconian legislation and respect their original agreement."


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