AuthorHouse publishes a children's book on nutrition

Austin always wants dessert first - for breakfast, lunch and dinner - and who doesn't? Recognizing the need for a children's book on nutrition, registered dietitian and devoted mother Shari Bilt Boockvar wrote "How Austin Got His Muscles" (published by AuthorHouse), the new full-color illustrated book that shows young readers who are more interested in eating junk food that eating balanced, colorful meals can be fun too!

Meet Austin, an active little boy who loves to go to school and play sports all year round. For all of these activities Austin needs his muscles, which grow strong with healthy meals. But Austin prefers dessert!

Hoping to show Austin that healthy foods can be delicious too, Mommy and Daddy make a deal: Austin can eat treats as long as he also eats a fruit or vegetable of a color from the rainbow as well. As an added bonus, Mommy notes that this game will make Austin strong, energetic, and better at playing sports and games.

Soon, Austin is eating from all the colors of the rainbow. He has red strawberries in his whole-grain cereal, bananas on his pancakes, and blueberries in his oatmeal. For lunch, Austin enjoys oranges with his chicken fingers or yellow zucchini with dip alongside green beans. In preparation for dinner, he helps Mommy make a salad with red, yellow and green bell peppers along with purple eggplant parmesan. All the foods of the rainbow provide Austin with lots of energy and muscles. And since Austin is so good at eating colorful foods, he is allowed to eat his favorite dessert. Now Austin realizes that he can have his cake and eat it too!

Young readers and their parents will surely benefit from reading the educational and fun story of "How Austin Got His Muscles." Boockvar incorporates a delightful story for children with a practical guide for parents that includes meal suggestions, tips and useful information about the benefits to memory, energy and health from eating colorful fruits and vegetables.

Shari Bilt Boockvar, MS, RD, founded Nutrifacts, Inc. in 1993 and specializes in nutrition counseling for pediatrics, weight control, sports/fitness and medical management. She has appeared on local and national news stations such as Fox News Network, CBS and NBC. Boockvar has also contributed to magazines and websites such as Allure, Shape, Fitness and She provides quality nutrition services to individuals and corporations around the country. "How Austin Got His Muscles" is her first book.




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