Three minutes a day to improve posture and spinal health

One-of-a-kind posture program helps improve posture and back health in three minutes

Straighten Up Alberta, a free, public service program launched today by Alberta's chiropractors, is a quick, simple stretching program aimed at helping Albertans' improve their posture and spinal health in just three minutes a day.

"Poor posture left to develop in kids can lead to health complications later in life; but poor posture is something that can affect almost every Albertan as a result of long periods of inactivity and daily lifestyle activities like spending many hours in a classroom, a lot of time at a desk or computer; or occupations that involve physically demanding job functions," said Straighten Up Alberta Program Coordinator Tanisha Tetz.

"Straighten Up Alberta (SUA) is an incredible program because it is specifically designed and completely dedicated to improving posture and spinal health. Good posture leads to good back and spinal health, and that means the potential to decrease health issues. SUA takes just three minutes a day, it is fun and easy to do, and it is suitable for all Albertans, young and old," said Ms Tetz.

SUA is a simple series of stretches that can be used as a warm-up, cool down, stand-alone routine or ergonomic break. The program does not require any equipment making it easy to practice at home, school or in the workplace on a daily basis.

Developing and maintaining good posture will help Albertans remain mobile into their senior years, but Albertans of any age can benefit from improving their posture. A study of Straighten Up (America) participants who practiced the program for five weeks showed that a large majority experienced improved posture, strengthened core muscles and decreased back discomfort.

Posture-related information, an instructional video illustrating each simple movement, and brochures for both kids and adults can be found on the Straighten Up Alberta website, For more information about the program, or to implement the program in your school or workplace, please email [email protected].




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