Non-surgical alternative treatment for moderate to advanced gum disease announced

BIOLASE Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLTI) today announced its new Deep Pocket Therapy with New Attachment™ using the Waterlase MD™ and patented Radial Firing Perio Tips™ (RFPT) for a non-surgical alternative treatment for moderate to advanced gum disease. The newly FDA cleared procedure for the Waterlase MD assists in new attachment, and in most cases provides deep pocket treatments in a single visit without the use of a scalpel, stitches or the conventional cutting of the gums.

Traditional periodontal therapy for the treatment of deep pockets involves a surgical procedure where after scaling and root planning of the teeth, the gum tissue is cut with a scalpel and flapped back to expose the teeth and underlying disease which is removed with traditional dental instruments, followed by stitching the gums back into place. While treating deep pockets is considered critical for overall good health and the preservation of teeth, the invasive nature of the traditional procedure increases the anxiety many patients have for gum treatment. Many patients diagnosed with moderate to advanced pockets have avoided the procedure all together.

Dr. Bret Dyer, a periodontist from Sugar Land, TX, one of the key clinical researchers who has been working with the Waterlase MD for periodontal therapy for many years and lectures and trains on periodontics worldwide, states, "We see patients every day that are seeking laser periodontal treatment. Both referring dentists and patients want to avoid swelling, pain, and possible gum recession of flap surgery. In my formal research and in clinical practice, I have found that Deep Pocket Therapy is a highly effective, more aesthetic and more comfortable alternative to traditional surgical procedures for my patients."

Dr. Larry Nurin, a periodontist from Annapolis, MD, has been involved in the clinical testing and development of the DPT procedure. He and his team of dentists will provide one of the BIOLASE approved advanced courses on the Deep Pocket Therapy. He comments, "DPT is easy to understand and a procedure that dentists can take back after training and immediately implement in their practice. In my practice, I now rarely need to perform traditional periodontal surgery. My patients who have been treated surgically in the past can't believe how much more comfortable the procedure is and love not having to have another office visit just to remove the stitches. Referring dentists are happy because their patients I treated are happy. It's incredible."

BIOLASE Chief Executive Officer David M. Mulder said, "A key part of our new strategy has been to formalize more applications for specialists and general practitioners alike, with a primary focus on periodontal procedures due to the unique all-tissue capabilities of the Waterlase MD. This new FDA clearance, our patented Radial Firing Perio Tips™, our new Periodontal Package for the Waterlase MD™ and the advanced periodontal training in the Package have greatly expanded our offerings to our doctors and their patients. We previewed the Waterlase MD™ Perio Package recently at the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) annual meeting in Boston and it was very well received. A recent article about the development of our new patented Radial Firing Perio Tip™ by Dr. John Hendy in the October issue of Dental Town magazine has also started generating many calls."

Mulder continued, "We and our global partners are proud to be assisting the periodontal community in delivering products and techniques that reduce patient anxiety and encourage patients with moderate to advanced periodontal disease to pursue the treatment they need."

In North America and many countries around the world, BIOLASE products are available exclusively through Henry Schein Dental (NASDAQ: HSIC).

SOURCE: BIOLASE Technology, Inc.


  1. catherine wagenschutz catherine wagenschutz United States says:

    I have been told I need the gumflap surgery which i want to avoid. Where can I go in Michigan to be evaluated for this alternative treatment?  I live in Plymouth , Michigan.  I see the periodontal doctors at University of Michigan dental school in Ann Arbor.   Please advise.   thank you.

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