New genome-based, personalized cancer test from iKaryos Diagnostics

iKaryos Diagnostics, a provider of molecular cancer testing, announced today the availability of a genome-based, personalized cancer test which uses single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) arrays to digitally assess the DNA of cancer cells.

iKaryos Diagnostics is the first company world-wide to offer SNP array Virtual Karyotype services for cancer. The company operates in collaboration with Creighton Medical Laboratories at Creighton University.

SNP array Virtual Karyotypes provide both copy number and loss-of-heterozygosity (LOH) information at an unprecedented resolution across the genome. SNP array virtual karyotypes can also readily detect a newly appreciated genetic lesion, called copy neutral LOH, which is now known to be quite common in human tumors. No other clinically available methodology can provide this information.

“By providing both genome-wide copy number and LOH information, we can give pathologists and oncologists a more complete picture of each patient’s cancer genome,” said Jill Hagenkord, M.D., chief medical officer of iKaryos Diagnostics and the medical director of the molecular pathology and clinical genomics laboratories at Creighton University. Hagenkord is a board-certified molecular pathologist with subspecialty training in pathology/oncology informatics. She has been using SNP arrays to karyotype tumors since 2006, making her a pioneer in the field of array-based karyotyping of cancers.

“iKaryos Diagnostics brings better cancer diagnostic testing to patients and physicians. We are incredibly excited to launch our product and make this available to a wide audience. The feedback we have received from oncologists and pathologists has been tremendous,” said Robert Klein, Ph.D., chief executive officer of iKaryos Diagnostics.

“We are proud to be the first laboratory offering SNP array karyotyping as a diagnostic service,” said Roger Brumback, M.D., chairman of the Department of Pathology at Creighton University School of Medicine. “As a practicing neuropathologist, I can attest that this technology has revolutionized the way we diagnose brain tumors and will do the same for cancers from all parts of the body. The information provided by virtual karyotypes clearly will improve treatment options for many cancer patients.”

SNP array Virtual Karyotyping can be performed on fresh or paraffin-embedded tumors. A detailed diagnostic report is prepared by a board-certified molecular pathologist and includes a description of the genetic alterations identified in the tumor, an image of the virtual karyotype, and clinical-pathologic correlation. For details on submitting samples, see the iKaryos Diagnostic web site at

iKaryos Diagnostics will be at the Association for Molecular Pathologists annual meeting Nov. 19-22 in Orlando, Fla.


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