Plans moving forward for Medizone International's hospital sterilization system, AsepticSure

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Medizone International, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: MZEI) Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Edwin Marshall, today outlined the company's plans moving forward for its hospital sterilization system, AsepticSure(TM). "Our laboratory expansion at Medizone's dedicated research facility located in Innovation Park at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada has now been completed. Full scale-up testing is scheduled to commence there in January, following the holidays. Our laboratory results continue to produce consistent and repeatable 6 log (99.9999%) reductions for the bacteria of concern in the hospital environment that are considered the main causative agents of hospital acquired infections (HAIs). We are now expecting to replicate those results in full scale room testing."

"On December 1, 2009 the company announced it had achieved 7.2 log kills for Bacillus subtilis, an internationally accepted surrogate for Anthrax, a kill rate that has subsequently been reconfirmed by additional testing at the company's laboratory. In combination with our accomplishments with the bacteria of concern regarding HAIs, especially achieving 6.7 log reductions with the spore former Clostridium difficile, to now be able to eradicate Bacillus subtilis has put us squarely in the bioterrorism-countermeasures arena. This is clearly a separate market for the company from the hospital sterilization sector. In this regard, we have revised our business plan since first presenting it at our shareholder meeting on August 26, 2009."

"Under the revised business plan, in the hospital arena for AsepticSure(TM) sales and service, Medizone expects to partner with large, well established companies that are already fully embedded in that sector as suppliers, such as medical device manufactures or service companies. The company anticipates that it may partner with several such companies, perhaps covering different geographical markets such as North America, Asia and Europe." Marshall continued, "The same may prove to be true for the outsourcing of additional manufacturing capacity, we will not necessarily be tied to one manufacture for increased manufacturing capacity. By developing relationships with multiple corporate partners, management believes we will be able to maintain better control over our products and obtain more competitive returns, thereby potentially increasing the share value for our shareholders." Marshall stressed that the business plan may be adjusted in the future to adapt to developing conditions. "While we expect this business plan to guide our future moves, the company has only held preliminary talks with two potential corporate partners in the hospital sector. We are still at an early stage in evaluating the value in potential relationships and have not committed to any corporate relationship as of this time."

Medizone had previously stated that, "following the successful commercialization of the hospital sterilization initiative, we would proceed into the bio-terrorism counter measures arena. That has changed since achieving 7.2 log kills with Bacillus subtilis, we now consider both projects proceeding on a parallel track. Regarding bioterrorism countermeasures and the government variant of AsepticSure(TM), all commercial rights for this product will be retained by the company. Medizone has staff and consultants in place that are fully qualified to manage government contracts and relationships. At this time it remains to be determined which of the two paths to commercialization will lead to the first sales for the company."

SOURCE Medizone International, Inc.


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