Olympus launches new medical devices for LESS surgery

A variety of new medical devices specifically designed for Laparo-Endoscopic Single-Site surgery (LESS surgery) has been announced and introduced by Olympus Europa Holding GmbH and Olympus Medical Systems Corporation. LESS surgery is an advanced, minimally invasive operation technique by which an endoscope and hand instruments are inserted through an access port anchored in just one small incision, usually made in the navel. After developing all the medical devices needed to perform LESS surgery, Olympus has yet again proven its leadership in the field. The release of these innovative devices in Europe took place in autumn 2009.

While traditional laparoscopic surgery offers such benefits over open surgery as less pain, faster recovery times and improved cosmesis, LESS (Laparo-Endoscopic Single-Site) surgery has the potential to extend these benefits even further. LESS surgery enables surgeons to perform procedures through only one small incision in the navel. Patients can potentially profit from less postoperative pain, less blood loss, faster recovery times, fewer complications, shorter hospital stays and better cosmetic results. These benefits still need to be further investigated in future clinical trials.

Now, three kinds of new devices specially designed for LESS surgery have been released: the HiQ LS curved 5-mm diameter hand instruments feature a shaft with curved distal and proximal ends that avoid clashing with other devices. The EndoEYE LS laparo-thoraco videoscope incorporates a deflectable control section to prevent interference between instruments. The EndoEYE LTF cameras with their flexible tips are ideally suited for performing LESS surgery through a single port. The TriPort has already been launched, and is emerging as the preferred access for single-site surgery. It is currently on sale in Europe, and provides 3 entry sites in one port. The TriPort allows single-site procedures to be performed through one small incision, typically of no more than 15 mm in length. The QuadPort, a disposable multi-instrument access port, can simultaneously accommodate up to four instruments including an endoscope inserted into a single incision.

Potential LESS applications include operations of the gall bladder (cholecystectomy), kidney (nephrectomy), colon (colon resection), ovaries (oophorectomy), umbilical hernia (hernia repair), blind gut (appendectomy), prostate (prostatectomy), uterus (hysterectomy) and many other organs.

SOURCE Olympus Europa Holding GmbH and Olympus Medical Systems Corporation


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