Osprey Biomedical rolls out Eagle Cervical Allograft Series in ATPS Preservation System

Osprey Biomedical, a global spinal allograft bio-implant company announced today it has begun the roll out of its Eagle Cervical Allograft Series being offered in its ATPS Preservation System™.

"We are pleased to offer surgeons the option of using our Eagle Series Cervical Allograft Bio-Implants packaged in a hydrated state. This new system will not only save valuable time in the OR, but provide our surgeons and patients with an allograft bio-implant that is not over processed by traditional methods and more closely resembles bone's natural hydrated elastic state," said Osprey's CEO Chris Sharp.

Osprey's hydrated packaging consists of a non-toxic solution which preserves allografts in their natural hydrated state. The biomechanical strength of Osprey Allograft Bio-Implants will not be compromised by the effects of freeze drying.

The goal of the ATPS Preservation System™ is to reduce brittleness and fracturing, save valuable OR prep time, and minimize the documented fracturing effects of freeze drying, which has been shown to make bone more brittle and susceptible to splitting.

SOURCE Osprey Biomedical


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