Endovenous laser treatment can painlessly remove varicose, spider veins

Up until approximately a decade ago, vein stripping was the only means of eradicating unsightly varicose veins. This method involved making an incision in the leg, and using a hooked wire to pull the affected vein out of the body. The invasiveness of vein stripping often resulted in an overnight hospital stay and considerable restriction of physical activity for up to a month. However, since the laser surgery method first became FDA approved ten years ago, it has come a long way in allowing for more convenient, painless and rapid removal of problematic veins. One particular organization, the Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute, has become a beacon of successful laser treatment for phlebitis sufferers in Los Angeles and Southern California.

By performing a procedure called endovenous laser treatment (EVLT), the trained surgeons of the Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute can painlessly and effectively remove unsightly varicose and spider veins in affected individuals. This procedure works through the insertion of a needle and attached laser catheter into the varicose vein. The laser pulsations emitted by the catheter heats the vein, causing it to seal up, wither away and get re-absorbed into the body within the period of a month.

EVLT is revolutionary for a number of reasons, one of which is its 98% success rate. The advantages of this method over vein stripping are significant. There is essentially no downtime with EVLT, as the patient can resume normal activity immediately after the procedure. There is minimal chance of infection. And just like with vein stripping, the results are permanent, except without the pain and intrusiveness.

Though many assume that the negative effects of varicose veins are purely superficial, varicose veins often cause fatigue, extreme aching and intense itchiness, which can lead to venous ulcers if scratched too much. Because of the possibility of blood clot formation along with mal-affected quality of life, insurance companies will cover most EVLT procedures.

At the Southern California Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute in Encino and Thousand Oaks, trained and experienced surgeons are committed to bringing this groundbreaking EVLT technology to sufferers of problematic veins. Countless patients have received EVLT and put an end to their restless, aching, and fatigued legs.


Renaissance Aesthetic Laser and Vein Institute, a Medical Corp.


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