Mindray upgrades M7 ultrasound, high performance DC-7 platforms at RSNA annual meeting

Mindray Medical International Limited (NYSE: MR), a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices worldwide, today announced two significant upgrades for its premium M7 ultrasound and high performance DC-7 platforms at the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) being held in Chicago, November 28 – December 2, 2010. The hand carried M7 unit (HCU), which was recently introduced in North America, will be available with an extensive variety of new transducers.

"The M7 platform has been well received since our first shipment to customers in June earlier this year," said Michael Thompson, Vice President of Ultrasound Sales, Mindray North America. "The M7 system elevates the HCU performance standard to a new level. Due to our highly upgradeable technology architecture, we are already introducing significant new enhancements for the M7 system as well as the DC-7 platform at this year's RSNA."

Other ultrasound systems, such as the M5 will also be highlighted. Two black and white systems, a cart-based and a portable, will be on display as well. All have gained growing popularity in North America as Mindray continues to build its support infrastructure in this key geographical market.

"North America is an extremely important market to the company," said David Gibson, President of Mindray North America. "Ultrasound in particular is a major contributor to our rapid growth. To this end, we have developed dedicated North American R&D, sales, marketing, customer service and field teams to support the ongoing expansion of our business in this market."

The M7 Ultrasound Platform

The M7 platform provides a wealth of advanced imaging features including excellent temporal resolution along with an innovative implementation of multiple tissue harmonic imaging technologies to improve image quality for technically difficult patients. iZoom™ enables the ability to view structures more accurately from a distance and iTouch™ provides a single button image optimization. Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI), wireless data transfer and real-time 3D (4D) are part of the platform as well.

The new upgrade includes enhancements in vascular, cardiology and obstetrical calculation packages as well as automatic intima-media thickness (IMT) measurements. Several new transducers will support a wide variety of applications such as obstetrics, interventional radiology and shared service.

The new transducers include the P12-4s, L12-4s and L7-3s. Of special note, among the new transducers, is the P12-4s transducer. The P12-4s provides high frequency imaging for abdominal, cardiology and other applications.

The DC-7 Ultrasound Platform

The DC-7 system, a premium cart-based system, is highly configurable, from dedicated use in a single department, or as a general purpose system for more comprehensive hospital and point-of-care support. iClear™ speckle reduction technology improves contrast resolution without compromising spatial resolution. iBeam™ reduces random noise and enhances border differentiation while frequency compounding imaging achieves an excellent balance between spatial resolution and penetration at depth.

Mindray is introducing a new upgrade for the DC-7 system which will be available by the end of the year. The upgrade includes new transducers and several enhancements including 4D imaging, calculation packages, user interface and DICOM connectivity.

Other Ultrasound Systems

The company will also highlight its popular M5 ultrasound system which represents significant value to performance in an HCU for general ultrasound imaging services. Mindray began delivering the recently announced 3.0 upgrade earlier this month. The new release features full DICOM capability, networking, work list, MPPS, query and retrieve and structured reporting. Automatic measurement of the carotid's intima-media thickness (IMT) and wireless data transfer are included. Three new transducers - curved, linear and cardiology - are also options in the new upgrade.

Mindray will highlight its black and white systems as well. Mindray is the largest black and white ultrasound system vendor in the world.

Source: Mindray Medical International Limited


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