Smiths Medical launches Medfusion 4000 wireless syringe infusion pump with PharmGuard systems in Canada

Smiths Medical, a leading global medical device manufacturer, announced today it received a license from Health Canada and launched its Medfusion® 4000 syringe infusion pump with the PharmGuard® software suite in Canada. The new customizable system allows health care providers to send and receive medication delivery information more efficiently, helping to prevent medication errors.

“We are excited to bring this new system to the Canadian market and provide customers with the convenience of wireless transfer of infusion information using their Medfusion® and PharmGuard® systems.”

"The Medfusion® 4000 wireless pump represents the next-generation advancement of the popular Medfusion® 3500 syringe infusion pump, which is widely recognized for its accurate medication delivery to patients in critical care units, including neonatal and pediatric intensive care," said Martha Sewall, Vice President of Infusion Global Product Management. "We are excited to bring this new system to the Canadian market and provide customers with the convenience of wireless transfer of infusion information using their Medfusion® and PharmGuard® systems."

The new Medfusion® 4000 pump includes enhanced and user-friendly features based on clinician usability input, including wireless (802.11b/g) and wired Ethernet capability to allow easy connections to the PharmGuard® server software. The new PharmGuard® server software is installed at a hospital's site and communicates with Medfusion® 4000 pumps to collect infusion device data to help determine patient compliance with therapies. It also sends drug library updates to infusion pumps that enable the most up-to-date infusion system, and it helps track where pumps are located within the facility, assisting Biomedical and Clinical Engineering to easily access the pumps for preventative maintenance, cleaning and other requirements.

Children's Hospital of East Ontario (CHEO) is the first facility to standardize on the new Medfusion® 4000 pump and PharmGuard® software suite. "We chose the Medfusion® pump for our hospital, staff and patients because our clinicians preferred it," said Erin O'Shaughnessy and Mary MacNeil, Nursing Management. "The Medfusion® pump is a small, lightweight pump that is simple to use. Managing the drug library and programming the pump is intuitive. With the new wireless system, we will be able to have timely access to drug library updates as well as downloads of infusion practice data without interruptions to patient care."

Medfusion® 4000 Pump and PharmGuard® Software Suite Components:

Medfusion® 4000 Syringe Infusion Pump with PharmGuard® Medication Safety Software - a Smart infusion pump that now has wireless (802.11b/g) and wired Ethernet connectivity for efficient drug library, syringe and firmware management, eliminating the need to search for pumps and manually update them.

PharmGuard® Toolbox Medication Safety Software - PC software that allows pharmacists to develop drug libraries according to hospital-defined medication dosing best practices and then deploy them to Medfusion® 4000 pumps.

PharmGuard® Server Software - a scalable and upgradeable web-based application that enables the wireless collection, management, and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) reporting of patient infusion data to track trends in compliance with medication dosing and clinical best practices.

SureLink Remote Support Software - an agent that runs in the background on a hospital's Windows®-based workstation or server and allows Smiths Medical Customer Support specialists to monitor devices and software, diagnose problems, provide software installation and upgrades, and supply remote support of Smiths Medical products.

In addition to Canada, Smiths Medical intends to launch the Medfusion® 4000 syringe pump with PharmGuard® software into numerous markets around the world.

SOURCE Smiths Medical


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