All-female medical officers team leads Gottlieb Memorial Hospital

For the first time in its 50-year history, the physicians at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital will be led by an all-female team of medical officers. The 2012 physician executive team is Dulces Leon-Jauregui, MD, president, Janet Aganad, DO, president-elect and Laura Cozzi, MD, secretary/treasurer. Mary Uckerman, MD, is the first woman to serve as credentialing chairman at the Loyola University Health System hospital.

"I believe the female leadership team of medical staff officers at Gottlieb reflects the common acceptance of women in leadership roles in the workplace everywhere, whether it is to lead a hospital or lead a boardroom," said Trisha Cassidy, president, GMH. Cassidy is the first woman to serve as president of Gottlieb Memorial Hosptial, part of Loyola University Health System. She also is acting as interim president of Loyola University Medical Center, and is only the second female to serve in that position.

"I am honored to serve as president and am confident my executive team will competently serve Gottlieb," said Leon-Jauregui, who specializes in family medicine. Leon-Jauregui joined Gottlieb in 1994.

Aganad is an internal medicine specialist as was her father, Gordiano Aganad, a founding physician of Gottlieb Memorial Hospital. "My father always maintained an open-door policy at Gottlieb, expertly caring for whomever visited his office and actually discouraging appointments," said the physician who joined Gottlieb in 1994. "I am priviliged to care for several of his patients here at Gottlieb and our family is deeply linked to the Gottlieb community."

Cozzi is an otolaryngologist who joined Gottlieb in 1990. "Dr. Leon-Jauregui, Dr. Aganad and I have practiced at Gottlieb for almost two decades and we are very comfortable working together and with our fellow physicians," said Cozzi. Almost 500 physicians have admitting privileges to Gottlieb Memorial Hospital.

"Gottlieb has always been an unusually progressive community hospital with a very welcoming and accepting medical staff," said Uckerman, a clinical pathologist. Uckerman joined Gottlieb in 1990.


Gottlieb Memorial Hospital


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