Thermo Fisher launches HyCell CHO medium

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today introduced the Thermo Scientific HyCell CHO cell-culture medium, a versatile animal-derived- component-free (ADCF™) and chemically defined (CD) medium for culturing a broad variety of CHO cells. HyCell™ CHO establishes a new benchmark for cell growth and productivity. In testing, it increased bioprocess yields more than five times that of other comparable CHO products in the market. This can produce significant productivity gains for customers.

"We continuously innovate to provide better solutions for our customers, and we are excited about the exceptional yield gains seen in the manufacture of recombinant proteins from CHO cells grown in the HyCell CHO medium," said Tariq Haq, senior global product manager for media and buffers, Thermo Scientific Cell Culture and Bioprocessing products. "This formulation is optimized for bioprocess applications involving CHO cells. Its versatility allows quick adaptation and supports exceptional growth, high cell density and high productivity."

Thermo Scientific serum-free media products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in cGMP- and ISO-compliant facilities to provide quality sourcing and assurance of supply.

HyCell CHO is available in liquid form in 1 L bottles and in 1 L to 500 L bio-process containers. The media is also available as a powder in pack sizes to make 5 L to 1000 L media. Custom packaging specific to bioprocessing needs is available upon consultation with the company's technical experts.

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific


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