Altitude Organic introduces national caregiver management program in Arizona

Altitude Organic Corp, a subsidiary of Tranzbyte Corporation (ERBB:OTC:PK) is pleased to announce it has launched its Altitude Organic national caregiver management program in Arizona. Beginning now, partner caregivers may grow up to 72 plants and distribute their product through collectives, licensed dispensaries, and other caregivers in need of supply for their patients. Those who join the Altitude Organic Managed Caregiver Network will receive state of the art guidance and resources enabling them to maximize their grow operation. In exchange, Altitude Organic Corp. will receive a management and consulting fee related to each caregiver's output.

According to Arizona law, caregivers will be allowed to work with dispensaries for up to a year after they begin operating within the state. Growers that would like to continue producing cannabis past the one-year mark, will be required to join up with a dispensary or be forced out of the legal caregiver business. Altitude Organic Corp offers a tremendous marketing, branding, and distributing solution for caregivers in Arizona so they can focus on their operation. Altitude Organic Corp also presents caregivers the legal transition path to remain in the industry, as it expands under advancing legal regulations.

Caregiver Network affiliates are currently accumulating strain genetics that will be used to launch future Altitude Organic managed dispensaries in Arizona. Currently, 8 Arizona state dispensary license winners are negotiating to retain Altitude Organic Dispensary management services. Last week, the first dispensary in Arizona was approved to open.  (

Since 2009, Altitude Organic Medicine dispensaries have been in operation in Colorado and the brand has begun to gain significant recognition within the state (  Altitude began contributing to national lobbying efforts through Washington DC based MPP and the NCIA trade association in 2010, in order to lead a "tax and regulate for national economic recovery" message. The company has forged a new and leading path in the cannabis industry developing retail, cultivating, and infusion strategies that the management company can offer dispensaries and caregivers across the nation.

Altitude Organics is transitioning caregivers  to work directly with state licensed dispensaries allowing them to stay working in the industry. There are many skilled caregiver growers that will need to align with licensed dispensaries in the next 14 months, as Arizona's first dispensary received authorization to open for business since the medical marijuana law was passed. Upon our closing of an Arizona dispensary management contract, partner caregivers will be able to focus on their gardens, knowing all the products they produce, have a legal sales outlet. 

State by state, election after election, voters are approving new cannabis legalization measures.  Caregivers that want to stay in business will need to join an organization that links them up with dispensaries."


Tranzbyte Corporation

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