Panasonic’s CO2 cell culture incubators deliver outstanding environmental reliability

Increasingly stringent regulation and the need for absolute sample security when working with human materials heightens the need for laboratory instrumentation that performs to the highest standards. Panasonic MCO-19 CO2 cell culture incubators deliver outstanding environmental reliability.

PBM039_imageThrough the incorporation of the company’s patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket system, together with dual wavelength infrared CO2 control, incubator temperature and CO2 concentrations are constantly monitored and closely controlled. Additional O2 concentration control is also available as part of the range’s multigas incubators.

Panasonic’s patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket guarantees precise, uniform temperature control which safeguards the incubator and its contents from any fluctuations in ambient temperature. The dual wavelength infrared CO2 control system is exceptionally accurate, simultaneously measuring both sample and reference wavelengths to provide continuous auto-zero calibration. Panasonic’s highly effective SafeCell® UV contamination control is built in, together with InCu saFe®, a copper-enriched stainless steel alloy interior and decontamination system, so users can be confident that their samples are safely maintained in the optimum environment.

Importantly, on-going support from the dedicated team of Panasonic Service Specialists maximizes the potential and lifespan of all Panasonic instruments. Panasonic are committed to providing the best possible service to their customers, right from helping with purchase through to the maintenance of equipment.

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