Panasonic introduces new -40°C freezer with hydrocarbon refrigerant

Panasonic’s new MDF-U5412H -40°C freezer provides a reliable freezing environment for Fresh Frozen Plasma and blood related products with outstanding stability and uniformity as well as superior efficiency through the use of hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants. The natural refrigerants used in the Panasonic range of Biomedical Eco Series freezers minimize energy consumption, reduce environmental impact and save on running costs. A comprehensive alarm system and Class IIa Medical Device Certification ensure this freezer provides unsurpassed reliability and sample security.

The Natural Choice
The Eco Series from Panasonic utilize the next generation of refrigerants – naturally occurring hydrocarbons. These organic compounds boast a number of benefits when compared with traditional refrigerants. Not only do they have no effect on o-zone depletion, they also have short atmospheric lifetimes and exceptionally low global warming potentials (GWP). With an increasing global focus on environmental impact and reducing carbon footprints, the new MDF-U5412H provides an ideal solution for all laboratories looking for reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly equipment.

Enhanced Efficiency
Not only do HC refrigerants dramatically reduce environmental impact, but they are also more efficient than traditional HFC refrigerants. The high latent heat of evaporation of hydrocarbons means that each refrigeration cycle will remove more heat from the freezer, making the cooling extremely effective and reducing the energy required to reach the desired temperature.

Reduced Running Costs
The highly efficient hydrocarbon refrigerants used in the Panasonic Eco Series result in reduced energy consumption and therefore lower running costs. With crucial equipment operating continuously, laboratories can consume a lot of power and freezers can contribute significantly to this expensive energy consumption. Power consumption and electrical running costs are reduced by up to 28% in the new MDF-U5412H when compared with an equivalent HFC model.

Performance Through Design
The Panasonic MDF-U5412H provides an optimum cold storage environment for the preservation of important samples. A direct cooling system with cooling tubes under every shelf ensures the most uniform temperatures while the double door design reduces the effect of ambient temperatures during sample placement and retrieval. Defrosting of the unit is done manually, preventing any large temperature peaks that could affect the integrity of stored samples.

Sample Security
An intuitive microprocessor control with an easy-to-read digital display delivers comprehensive set point, alarm, monitoring and diagnostic functions to track system conditions and alert users in the unlikely event of an abnormality so they can take appropriate actions. An access port allows external temperature monitoring with the use of a probe, or an optional temperature chart recorder can be added.

Hydrocarbon refrigerants, innovative technology and Class IIa Medical Device certification make the new Panasonic MDF-U5412H -40°C freezer the perfect storage environment for the preservation of blood plasma, vaccines, test samples and other biological specimens.

Panasonic are committed to contributing towards progress in life science while helping to build a greener future.
By implementing hydrocarbon refrigerants, the Eco Series minimize energy consumption and reduce environmental impact while also saving money on running costs.

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