New E-capper from Porvair Sciences

The new E-capper from Porvair Sciences produces top quality seals and minimises the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) in operators tasked with sealing deep well microplates or storage tube racks with re-useable cap mats.

The fully electronic E-capper applies firm even pressure simultaneously across the whole cap mat, ensuring a tight even fit across the plate or rack. In extensive field testing the E-Capper has been proven to deliver perfect sealing time after time thereby ensuring sample integrity.

The versatile E-capper uses a powerful actuator enabling it to reproducibly press silicone, polypropylene, PTFE , TPE or Santoprene cap mats firmly into the plate / rack forming a liquid-tight seal.

Simple-to-use, operators just have to position their plate / rack on the sealing platen, place the cap mat on top of the plate / rack and close the drawer. The E-capper will take over, automatically pressing the mat down sealing the plate / rack before releasing the drawer. It’s quick, safe and reliable and all but eliminates any RSI risk in using cap mats.

The E-capper is compatible with mats supplied by Chromacol, ThermoFisher, Seahorse Labware, Porvair Sciences, Corning Life Science, Labnet, National Scientific, Whatman, 4titude, Micronic, Fluidx, Brooks and most other reputable manufacturers.

For further information on the E-capper please contact Porvair Sciences on telephone +44-1978-666239, email [email protected] or visit the website at

Established in 1992, Porvair Sciences Ltd. has developed internationally recognised expertise in microplate technology and manufacturing serving applications in Drug Discovery, Combinatorial Chemistry, Solid Phase Extraction, Protein Purification, High Throughput Screening, Environmental Analysis, Proteomics and Genomics. Porvair Sciences Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Porvair plc.


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