Comfortable, compact, clever - CX23 microscope

Olympus has released the new CX23 microscope for outstanding reliability and ease-of-use in routine and educational microscopy. Every aspect of use has been taken into account during the design process providing an effortless user experience across all workflows.

Enabling maximum comfort and ease-of-use for routine observations, the high-performing, ergonomically-designed, compact and robust CX23 microscope is packed full of well-considered, clever features to enhance every step of the workflow. Delivering Olympus’ renowned high-quality optics and featuring updates to increase portability, usability, sturdiness, and security, the new microscope is ideal both for educational and routine lab environments, as well as for use in the field.

High-performing, quality optics include a quadruple nosepiece equipped with Olympus’ plan achromat objectives ensuring a wide field of view with a field number of 20. The objectives maintain superb image flatness throughout the field of view and long working distances supported by a focus lock to prevent objectives and specimens from damage. An LED light source provides both a long service time of 20,000 hours and lower power consumption while the reduced blue light preserves vivid colour observation on HE staining.

The CX23 also includes ergonomic features for comfortable personalised use such as interpupillary adjustment for observation, left and right dioptre adjustment for optimal eye focus and an adjustable eyepoint for users of different heights.

Coloured, ergonomic integrated grips both add safety and indicate appropriate places to hold the microscope while angled arms enable comfortable carrying. Weighing in at approx. 5.9 kg, the CX23 is one of the lightest microscopes in its class, making it ideal for use in the field. It also comes with a convenient cable storage compartment at the back of the microscope and an optional dedicated wooden case for easy transport.

A sturdy, rigid metal frame encased in an easy-to-clean smooth plastic casing provides the utmost in frame stability and safety with its rounded design eliminating sharp edges. Further enhancing security, the CX23 is also equipped with a built-in security slot for an anti-theft cable such as a Kensington lock.

With its high-quality optics, superior frame stability, outstanding ease-of-use and portability, the CX23 is a reliable choice of microscope for routine observation in educational, routine or in-the-field environments.

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Source: Olympus Life Science Solutions


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