Larrea Biosciences merged into Gordian Holdings

Larrea Biosciences (LRRA.PK), has been merged into Gordian Holdings, Inc. "Marshalling the Body's best Offense and Defense against Disease, Its own Immune System, through Immunotherapy." Gordian Holdings obtained the rights from OnkologixRx, Inc., for the Markets in China and North America. The Onko-1 Immunotherapy Vaccine has been proven to shrink human tumors over ninety percent (90%) in Stomach, Non-Small Cell Lung, Small Cell Lung, in live animal models creating Polyclonal Antibodies™. OnkologixRx also designed a pan-influenza immunogenic combination that is designed to protect against type A&B influenzas.

The Immunotherapy Vaccines originated in the USA, and have been tested in China in live animals utilizing OnkologixRx's Vaccine (Onko-1) significant tumor regression occurred in murine models having human gastric cancer transplants, reducing the amounts of standard chemotherapeutic drugs concomitantly. Kinase inhibitor immunotherapy is effective in the short term. The Onko-1 Vaccine targets growth factors, which never mutate, and are present in 95-100% of many GI-tumors. Live animal testing using the Onko-1 Vaccine reduced, toxicity and an adjuvant approach in treating patients currently being treated with chemotherapy is believed possible.

The cost of the OnkologixRx Immunotherapy Vaccines is dramatically less than the current standard of care treatments, self-generated Polyclonal Antibodies™ fight the cancer.

Gordian Holdings is the general partner for Marshall Partners NAC a Research and Development partnership as defined by Section 41 of the IRS Code. Gordian intends to raise one hundred million dollars from Accredited Investors. Late 2015 Enrollment upon funding in China and North America for Phase I testing of Gastric Cancer (Stomach Cancer). Lung, Breast and Ovarian Cancer, in 2016. The Advanced Design for Testing will be used through all Phases of testing seeking approval from regulators.

LarreaRx's patented product Myristate using natural Myristic Acid replenishes, nourishes and repairs Axons which are believed to be the cause of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other Neurological diseases. According to a study by the NIH, dated April 23, 2015.

Gordian Resources, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Gordian Holdings, Inc., has been spun out to Smetek & Associates, Inc.

A due bill will be issued to all qualifying shareholders. The Company's Board of Directors has also approved a four for one Reverse Stock Split.


Larrea Biosciences Corporation


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