Detrimental impact of iron deficiency made aware by Vifor Pharma at a series of events

The 12th ECCO Congress that took place in Barcelona, Spain, from 15 to 18 February 2017, was an excellent opportunity for Vifor Pharma to continue its support of healthcare efforts and to highlight the detrimental impact of iron deficiency, a particularly common condition in people with certain chronic diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Iron deficiency is estimated to affect around one third of the world's population. This disease constitutes an important concern for patients and physicians alike because it can significantly impact an individual's quality of life and influence clinical outcomes.

Vifor Pharma supported a series of activities during ECCO 2017 to raise awareness about iron deficiency:

  • Medical education: Vifor Pharma hosted two educational events at ECCO 2017: A Satellite Symposium and a Meet-the-Expert Session. World-renowned speakers convened to participate in a highly interactive Satellite Symposium that showcased the best-practice management of iron deficiency in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. The Symposium was chaired by Prof. Stephan Vavricka (ECCO GuiCom Member). The Meet-the-Expert Session offered expert insight and practical discussions between experienced gastroenterologists on the management of iron deficiency. This event was chaired by Dr. López San Román (ECCO EduCom Member).


  • ECCO-Vifor Pharma Grant 2017: Vifor Pharma and ECCO have created a one-year research grant to promote innovative scientific research in the area of inflammatory bowel disease with a special focus on iron deficiency. A grant recipient was selected by the ECCO Scientific Committee. Prof. Julián Panés, ECCO President, Head of the Department of Gastroenterology at Barcelona Hospital and Professor of Medicine at Barcelona University, announced the name of the recipient during an award ceremony at the ECCO Congress. "ECCO and Vifor Pharma's collaborative effort to promote research with a grant in iron deficiency for patients with inflammatory bowel disease is an excellent opportunity to advance our knowledge of how to manage this condition, which complicates IBD and significantly reduces the quality of life of our patients," said Prof. Panés.


  • Vifor Pharma Educational Grant 2017: Vifor Pharma granted the amount of €5,000 during the ECCO Congress to support the educational activities of GETEII, a local Spanish nursing group dedicated to helping patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Congress delegates who visited Vifor Pharma's booth at the ECCO Congress had the opportunity to contribute to this initiative by playing an educational game, "FeriQuest", to help a patient character, Maria, overcome her iron deficiency. This grant further demonstrates Vifor Pharma's commitment to educating people and healthcare professionals on how to recognize and manage this debilitating condition.
Iron deficiency can represent a significant burden for sufferers, particularly for those also having to deal with chronic conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease. Vifor Pharma is committed to raising awareness about iron deficiency and its debilitating symptoms. By optimising treatment, we can significantly improve the lives of these patients,"

Dr. Thierry Teil, Head of Global Medical Affairs, Vifor Pharma.


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  1. Tom Hennessy Tom Hennessy Canada says:

    Isn't it something after thousands of years we need the medical profession to tell us one third of us have iron deficiency and that they have the solution for this paradox, medical intervention with iron filings either injected into a vein or iron filings added to all our foods. Iron fuels malaria, plague, infection, premature births, cancer, diabetes and the myriad of diseases and should very, very cautiously be used as any 'medical treatment'.

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