Essen Bioscience to Showcase IncuCyte® Live-cell Analysis System and Applications at AACR, Booth #1365

The IncuCyte® live-cell analysis platform from Essen BioScience will be showcased at the upcoming AACR conference, booth #1365.

A variety of applications will be highlighted at the booth and poster sessions across a variety of research and therapeutic areas including oncology, immuno-oncology, immunology, neuroscience and stem cell biology.

The IncuCyte® system, placed directly in a standard incubator, automatically collects and analyzes images throughout the course of an experiment while cells remain unperturbed in a physiologically relevant environment. The platform provides researchers with the ability to gain new insights and understanding into biological processes via real-time, quantitative analysis of live cells.

Poster Presentations

CD47 antibody-induced engulfment of human T cell leukemia cells by bone marrow-derived macrophages

CD47 is a trans-membrane “don’t eat me” signaling protein that enables tumor cells to evade clearance by phagocytes. Blocking CD47 allows phagocytes to identify and clear tumor cells and is a promising new approach for immunotherapy.  The poster will describe a model system for quantitative functional analysis and derivation of mechanistic insights into CD47 modulators as cancer therapeutics.

Session date and time:  Monday, April 3, 1-5pm

Location:  Poster section 26

A novel continuous live-cell assays for immune cell activation and killing of blood cell cancers

Novel high throughput live-cell image-based assays for immune cell activation and killing of target cells enable screening for new treatments for blood cell cancers.  The assays allow non-invasive continuous measurement of proliferation, activation, clustering and immune-cell killing of non-adherent tumor cells at industrial scale. Unlike flow cytometry, this approach follows the full time-course of the biology without perturbing the cells and allows cell-cell interactions to be visualized. These assays are amenable to testing new therapeutic antibodies, small molecules and CAR-T approaches.

Session date and time:  Tuesday, April 4, 1-5pm

Location:  Poster section 1


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