Anyslide by microDimensions provides a cloud-based digital pathology platform

Digital Pathology is happening. While the advantages are evident and experts already predict a new generation of pathologists, only few laboratories and institutes have started planning and investing in fully digital work-flows. At the same time, the demand for professional online exchange and a convenient way of sharing educational or rare cases is growing with the aim to support a more precise and profound health care.

To enable pathologists to start working digital with their existing set-up today, microDimensions is now launching AnyslideTM, a new cloud-based digital pathology platform. Pathologists can easily sign up for free, share and collaborate on digital histology images in seconds using their desktop browser, tablet or smartphone. By eliminating the need for a major investment or effort put into installation and integration, Anyslide helps organizations to overcome many of the major hurdles on the way to digital pathology.

“We have designed Anyslide as a global pathology hub for the needs of today’s pathologists - no matter how advanced their labs are on the digital journey, and no matter what devices they use to interact online on images” says Dr. Martin Groher, CEO of microDimensions.

Anyslide is driven by pathologists' work-flows in education, research and professional exchange, and is dedicated to reducing mouse clicks for the most common tasks:

  • Online collaboration with a colleague or in groups: Case images can be shared and discussed privately by granting access to specific users and letting them comment on conclusions.
  • Public sharing: Pathologists can upload, describe and annotate exciting findings and share them with their social network, e.g. on Twitter.

Anyslide supports the upload of images in various formats (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and Whole Slide Images*) as well as live capture from microscope cameras. The platform provides simple tools to edit and annotate, comment on, and share images in one unified application. Signing up and using Anyslide is free of charge.  

“As daily routines of pathologists  and the technologies around them are evolving constantly, we are planning to let Anyslide evolve too - from the support of whole slide images to the integration of further social networks and advanced group collaboration functionality.” continues Groher. “But also services based on image processing and machine learning algorithms are possible, where big data approaches could open up huge potential for automatic classification and detection tools as well as scoring aids.”

Source: microDimensions


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