Evosep launches new separation technology tailored for clinical omics at HUPO 2017

Making clinical proteomics 100x more robust and 10x faster

Evosep aims to improve quality of life and patient care by radically innovating protein based clinical diagnostics. We will make sample preparation and separation for mass spectrometry analysis 100 times more robust and 10 times faster to enable truly large cohort studies and provide the foundation for precision medicine.

Today, the Evosep One is introduced, a novel separation solution designed for fast and robust separation of omics samples in large clinical cohort studies (primarily proteomics and metabolomics).

Clinical analyses almost invariably require relatively high throughput and rugged equipment with simple processes. Until now, proteomics analysis has been relatively slow and with high maintenance equipment. Clearly, the largest performance gap is not with the mass spectrometers but with the sample purification and separation steps immediately prior to MS. “Therefore, we have decided to radically innovate the separation technology and make – almost from scratch – something that is specifically tailored for clinical omics. In brief, our first design target is a platform that separates omics samples @ 1μL/min into a mass spectrometer, while enabling 24/7 operation @ 200 samples/day.” says Dr. Nicolai Bache, Head of Applications at Evosep.

The Evosep One is an optimized front-end to a mass spectrometer for large-cohort experiments. The Evosep One ensures:

More uptime with improved reliability and robustness owing to:

  • Partial elution that leaves impurities from each sample on the disposable tips that act as pre-columns
  • Low pressure elution & gradient formation that cause less wear and tear

Increased productivity with higher duty cycle utilization owing to:

  • Fewer LC household steps
  • Minimized dwell time since gradient formation happens at high flow rate, close to the column

Increased performance with better data quality owing to:

  • Reduced cross-contamination through the use of disposable tips, and
  • High flow-rates during autosampler washing steps.

The first two instruments have been used successfully through several months in the laboratory of Professor Matthias Mann from the Max-Planck, Institute of Biochemistry, Proteomics and Signal Transduction, Martinsried, Germany. Dr. Mann says:

Robust and fast workflows are indispensable for successfully implementing large-cohort clinical plasma proteomics studies.

Dr. Ole Vorm, the founder of Evosep continues:

Precision medicine is likely to revolutionize healthcare in the coming decade or two. And precision diagnostics is a crucial first step to getting there. Evosep One was engineered for robust and fast clinical proteomics so we are very excited for the Evosep One to now become a cornerstone of the platform at MPI.

The company will exhibit the new Evosep One instrument in the Evosep booth at the Convention Center Dublin during HUPO 2017, being held September 17-21.


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