Oxygen therapy solutions manufacturer CAIRE rolls out new website

CAIRE Inc. rolled out new branding and content on its website www.cairemedical.com this month.

“We want our customers who have been prescribed oxygen therapy to connect with us as a company that they can depend on in their hour of need,” said Earl Lawson, President of Chart BioMedical. “We manufacture oxygen therapy solutions that offer freedom and peace of mind – that is our brand promise to the end user and their loved ones. With our products we want them to be able to do what they did yesterday.”

CAIRE’s new look and feel was developed in partnership with advertising agency Morrison in Atlanta.

CAIRE new websitewww.cairemedical.com

"Creatively, our goal was to speak to the human truth affecting every person that finds themselves in need of CAIRE products. We strategically decided to show people in environments that spoke to the state they’re in today, with the notion that they would not be missing out on those great moments in the future. The real beneficiary of CAIRE products are the loved ones that still get to spend time with their nana, grandpa, mom, or dad,” said Jeremy Heilpern, President of Morrison. “That same sentiment comes through on the new CAIRE website with a clean user experience, detailed product information, insight and information related to oxygen therapy, and an easy ordering process.”

Along with powerful messaging encouraging end users to engage in ways they can improve their health by adhering to their oxygen therapy prescription, there is extensive product information allowing visitors to quickly navigate CAIRE’s portfolio of products that serve low to high flow needs.

Products highlighted on the website include the Focus™, FreeStyle® and FreeStyle® 5 wearable oxygen concentrators, the Eclipse 5® portable oxygen concentrator and the Companion 5™ at home oxygen concentrator, and all accompanying accessories.

Expanded educational content includes information on COPD, disease stages, treatments and tips, oxygen therapy FAQs, and links to valuable resources provided by premier health organizations who actively working to improve the lives of people suffering from a variety of respiratory diseases.

With the launch has come an increased advertising spend to increase visibility to the site and to reach those individuals who have been prescribed oxygen therapy. This is a departure from the previous model which focused solely on attracting home medical equipment customers to supply CAIRE products to their patients.

“We have served our B2B clients for more than three decades with products they can depend on. Today we shift our attention to the oxygen user and a message that encourages adherence to their prescription in order that they can have a chance at living a full life,” said Chris Southerland, Vice President of Respiratory, Chart BioMedical. “We feel this shift of reaching out directly to the end user will benefit our providers via retail sales opportunities and in garnering clinical referrals direct from physicians who view CAIRE as a quality resource for oxygen therapy solutions and educational resources.”

For more information about CAIRE, visit www.cairemedical.com.

About CAIRE Inc.

CAIRE Inc. is a globally recognized brand in oxygen therapy and manufacturer of portable oxygen concentrators, stationary oxygen concentrators, and liquid oxygen therapy systems. CAIRE’s portable oxygen concentrators allow patients suffering from a variety of respiratory diseases to stay active with pulse and continuous flow options. The wide selection of stationary concentrators suits both home oxygen therapy patients and long-term care providers. A variety of liquid oxygen reservoirs and portable units range in size and flow rate to fit every specific need. CAIRE is one of the largest manufacturers of oxygen therapy systems and remains the one source for every patient and provider.


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