TradeShow Talks with TIP Biosystems

TradeShow Talks with TIP BiosystemsHall B2, Booth 116

Tell us about the company and why you are attending Analytica?

I'm professor Dieter Trau, and we are at the Analytica at booth, at hall B2, booth 116. The company we are presenting here is TIP Biosystems Pte Ltd.

It's a Singapore based company that was founded in 2014 by myself as a start-up from the National University of Singapore, where I'm also a professor in the department of biomedical engineering.

We are attending Analytica to introduce of our product, the Photopette, into the European market. It's the first time here at the Analytica that we have physically shown this product on the European continent.

We would like to attract some attention, potential distributors, and end-users on our booth. We’re also taking feedback on the product, because the product is different from other products currently on the market.

What products are you highlighting at Analytica?

We are highlighting the Photopette, which is a completely new concept of spectrophotometer. It's a handheld, fixed wavelength spectrophotometer, which makes it very portable.

This device is linked through Bluetooth, through to a smart device and controlled through the smart device.

What makes this product different from anything else on the market?

Currently spectrophotometers are classical bench-top instruments. They are machines that require trained personnel to operate them and they are also expensive, both in the initial purchase and their maintenance.

With classical spectrophotometer, because they are bench-top instruments, the sample has to come to the spectrophotometer and is loaded into a cuvette before being analyzed. The Photopette has fundamentally changed three things: we have changed the form factor from bench-top to truly hand-held; we have changed the workflow and we have made the data easy to use, access or share.

The device goes to the sample and works with a disposable measurement tip, a cuvette tip, which replaces the need for a classical cuvette. Instead of putting the sample into a cuvette, the cuvette tip goes into the sample and then with one click, the result is directly displayed on your smart device. This data can be instantly shared through the cloud.

We have also made it possible to perform a photometric analysis for non-expert users within seconds and to share the data globally.

Which industries will benefit from this product?

At this point in time, we see the Photopette as a complementary product, even for industries where people have the big bench-top instruments. The ease of use, the productivity enhancement, the speed, and the robustness are all reasons why this is a perfect complementary product.

Life science industries, are our first target, simply because our product can be used directly on the lab bench or cell culture hood where the lab technician words. This is often tedious and inconvenient for the scientist, but the Photopette can make this very easy.

However, we have had customers approach us to use the Photopette for applications in the food and beverage industry, in the environmental testing and control, and in the chemical industry for process control checking processes in the galvanic industry, so the applications are wide ranging.


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