Tradeshow Talks with QED Scientific

Tradeshow Talks with
QED Scientific
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Tell us about QED Scientific and why you are attending Health GB 2018.

QED Scientific is the leading developer and supplier of patient warming equipment in the UK. We currently have some exports but are hoping to connect with new distributors that can help grow our business.

Which products are you featuring at Health GB?

The main products we sell are fluid and blanket warming cabinets and patient warming systems. We also have a range of temperature controlled cabinets which we sell to pharmacies. These are specially designed cabinets that maintain medicinal drugs at room temperature. We are actually at the forefront of development in this area, and recently won an award for the best quality project in pharmaceutical compliance.

What impact does temperature have on medicines?

Room temperature has a very specific range of 15 and 25 Degrees Celsius. Even in the UK, on a hot summer's day the temperature can easily go over 25 degrees, causing a lot of medicines to start to lose their potency.

An example of this was an incident that happened in America. A young girl started having an asthma attack on holiday and reached for her inhaler, but it didn’t work! This was because it had been kept in the campervan all day and had become ineffective.

Fortunately, they weren't too far from a hospital, and she's okay. But, it could've been a very different story simply because the inhalers weren't stored at the correct temperature. If she had a portable storage unit in the car, this wouldn’t have happened.

Who else do you supply temperature controlled cabinets to?

We supply cabinets for use in hospitals, on wards, in A&E and personal use, in addition to pharmacies.

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