NGI assistant boosts precision of inhaler testing

Hands-on demonstrations at Copley Scientific’s UK headquarters are proving the perfect introduction to the upgraded NGI (Next Generation Impactor) Assistant; a labour-saving device that boosts the precision and productivity of inhaler testing to unprecedented levels.

The new NGI Assistant, a labour-saving device for higher productivity inhaler testing.

Cascade impaction is used to determine the aerodynamic particle size distribution (APSD) of all orally inhaled products; a critical quality attribute.

The NGI Assistant automates the associated drug recovery process, making the conversion of NGI samples to solutions for HPLC analysis a simple, reproducible ‘load and go’ operation.

The latest model offers shorter cycle times – boosting throughput and return on investment – and a simplified, easy-to-use interface.

It frees analysts up for higher value work while at the same time improving data integrity by eliminating costly errors and operator-to-operator variability.

Cascade impactors produce a series of size fractionated samples which are recovered and analysed to generate an APSD specifically for the active ingredient(s) within an inhaled formulation.

The NGI Assistant holds up to three complete NGI cup trays, but can also accommodate induction ports and preseparators, as required. Solvent is automatically dispensed by a robust, low maintenance liquid handling system to a volumetric accuracy of ~±1%.

The proven gentle rocking platform ensures complete dissolution of the drug and aliquots of the resulting solutions are then aspirated into standard HPLC vials for direct analysis.

The new system can accommodate dual HPLC vial racks, offering the capability to collect both primary and back-up samples for each NGI test undertaken.

It is compatible with a wide range of solvents and specified with vials for industry-standard HPLC systems (Waters and/or Agilent); customisation for alternative vials is also available on request.

Substantially upgraded Windows-based software provides an intuitive interface, making it easier to customise methods and safeguard data integrity via a range of security and electronic records management features.

In combination the hardware and software provide an efficient, highly reproducible, turn-key solution for automated drug recovery that can be used with confidence by multiple operators, throughout the lab.



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