INTERPHEX 2019 Celebrates 40 years of Delivering Technology Innovation to Industry

INTERPHEX has been the leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device development, and manufacturing event for 40 years. Offering technical conferences, exhibits, demonstrations, and networking events, INTERPHEX connects over 11,000 global industry professionals and more than 650 leading suppliers.


The event ran from April 2 to April 4, and attendees were welcomed to experience the full product development cycle for state-of-the-art solutions at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

Introducing INNOPHEX for 2019

In collaboration with IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC (IPS) (a top provider of Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management, and Validation (EPCMV) services), INNOPHEX presented exhibits, a technical conference, and valuable networking opportunities dedicated to cell processing, gene therapy, and Pharma 4.0 technologies. Some technology highlights included robotics, 3D printing, and augmented/virtual reality.

With the strength of the North American gene therapy market and the emergence of Pharm 4.0, INNOPHEX offers access to knowledge and solutions to reduce operational costs, increase flexibility and improve processes and productivity in new and innovative ways. We believe adding INNOPHEX to the show floor further strengthens the value proposition of INTERPHEX.

Michael Mandl, Group Vice President at INTERPHEX

INTERPHEX Exhibitors 2019

INTERPHEX 2019 featured over 500 exhibitors, offering hands-on insight into developments in technologies, products, and services.

Three highlights included:

  • Analytical Lab Group (ALG)
    Analytical Lab Group is an industry leader striving to provide the most advanced, comprehensive Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) testing solutions, with facilities in San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Boston. ALG operate with a focus on infection prevention, and their expert team has built an ALG portfolio specializing in cell bank production and characterization, as well as testing for antimicrobial, pharmaceutical, compounding, medical device, and healthcare industries.
  • Qure Medical
    Qure Medical showcased its range of products, engineering services, biopharma assemblies, and elastomeric manufacturing processes. They are specialized in rubber and silicone molded components, silicone-based sub-assemblies, and packaged products. Products Qure provides
    • Tubing solutions from the world’s best silicone tubing manufacturer. Qure’s medical capabilities range from braided tubing, biopharma single-use tubing assemblies, and specialty catheter assemblies, to wound drains, tapered tubing, and ink printing.
    • Engineering services that offer assistance and manufacturability designs for medical and pharmaceutical products. Qure invest in the development of materials and molds, as well as developing automation systems and customized testing and analysis systems.
    • Elastomeric component development that extends to several markets. Medical and pharmaceutical products and components developed by Qure range from biopharma products and assemblies, components for medical and surgical procedures, and drug delivery elements from sleeve stoppers and valves to IV components.
    • Cleanroom-produced assemblies and components. Applications for Qure’s elastomeric single-use assemblies and components range from pharma sampling and delivery systems, cell media, harvesting and fermentation, and vaccine production, to filtration, bioreactor processes, and single-use systems.
  • Aptar Pharma
    Providing top quality, innovative drug delivery systems, Aptar Pharma serves pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, and biotech customers. They boast a wide range of drug delivery routes, including nasal, pulmonary, dermal and transdermal delivery, and eye care and injectable delivery.

    At INTERPHEX 2019, Aptar Pharma exhibited their latest innovations, including their bidose nasal drug delivery device, award-winning drug development support packages, PureHale, a newly launched, portable device delivering natural care to the upper airways, and an expanded range of connected drug delivery devices focused on the future of digital medicine. Aptar Pharma’s manufacturing facility in North America was also highlighted, which is fitted with state of the art technology to expand their ability to deliver drug delivery solutions. Additionally, Aptar Pharma was featured in “Portable care for your respiratory tract: Exploring new technology platforms,” a workshop presented by Account Manager, Aptar Pharma Consumer Health Care division Aileen Power.


INTERPHEX​ continue to excel in showcasing innovative developments in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and device development, and manufacturing solutions as technology change an increasing number of aspects across industries. Attendees to INTERPHEX 2019 benefited from networking opportunities from a vast range of industry suppliers and industry professionals and experiencing new technologies and engaging with discussions with experts. There were many new exhibitors for INTERPHEX 2019, and a new exhibition space solely dedicated to cell processing and gene therapy.

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