Porvair Sciences introduces 5 new deep well microplates

Porvair Sciences has extended its sample storage and collection range with the introduction of 5 new deep well microplates.

Porvair Sciences introduces 5 new deep well microplates

Deep well microplates are an important class of functional labware used for sample preparation, compound storage, mixing, transport and fraction collection. They are widely used in life science laboratories and are available in different sizes and plate formats, the most commonly used being 96 well and 384 well plates made from virgin polypropylene.

We offer high quality deep well plates in a range of formats, well shapes and volumes. Researchers can now work with volumes as low as 1 ml and as high as 2.2 ml, each with different well and bottom shapes. Whether customers are working in molecular biology, cell biology or drug discovery applications, these new deep well plates offer customers greater flexibility to select an optimized plate to suit their application."

Krzysztof Kielmann, Microplates Product Manager, Porvair Sciences

Porvair Sciences microplates are precisely manufactured to ANSI/SLAS dimensions to ensure that they are completely automation compatible. With low extractables and leachables characteristics, Porvair Sciences deep well plates contain no contaminants that may leach out and affect stored sample or bacterial or cell growth. For sensitive biological applications RNase / DNase free deep well plates are available. Porvair Sciences deep well plates are designed with raised well rims to facilitate reliable heat seal closure - critical for long term integrity of stored samples at -80 °C. Used in conjunction with a support mat, Porvair deep well plates can be routinely centrifuged at up to 6000 g.


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