Cutting-edge imaging and biopatterning techniques announced for Polish researchers

Professional lab equipment company Labnatek unites with Sygnis New Technologies - the leading provider of 3D printing technology in Poland - to launch Sygnis Bio Technologies, the first Polish company delivering additive technologies and high-resolution imaging techniques for the biotech and the healthcare sectors.

Sygnis Bio Technologies provides its partners with the most inventive approach to bioengineering. The company is a leading provider of scientific equipment on the Polish market, with a strong focus on high-resolution live cell imaging and tissue engineering. It’s portfolio combines a multitude of techniques i.e.: 3D bioprinting, biopatterning, live-cell, and super-resolution imaging.

Creative cooperation to deliver the cutting edge technological solutions

Professional paths of Labnatek and Sygnis New Technologies have crossed on a multiple of scientific projects.

Grzegorz Kaszyński, CEO Sygnis Bio Technologies said: “Broadening our business proposal with bioprinting and biopatterning solutions, we have strengthen the bonds between our companies. In 2019 we decided to merge Labnatek with Sygnis New Technologies, what resulted in launching Sygnis Bio Technologies.

"We believe that Labnatek’s professional experience, knowledge and biotechnological solutions will be widely used by the industrial clients of Sygnis New Technologies.

"On the other hand, powered by the Polish leader of additive technologies, we will be able to provide our partners with the best 3D printing solutions, that nowadays become a common activity at virtually any lab.”

In comparison to the Western world, Polish research centres are still failing to adopt the most innovative research techniques.

We hope that technologies such as bioprinting, 3D holotomography and super-res will become a common practice as it is happening abroad.

Our aim is to promote the most advanced imagining and biopatterning technologies. We believe that the future of biotechnology is in the cell populations and 3D imagining."

Andrzej Burgs, co-founder of Sygnis Bio Technologies and CEO of Sygnis New Technologies.

Sygnis Bio Technologies hires the best 3D printing specialists, designers and engineers

The company is the only distributor of CELLINK, 3D bioprinting market leader, for Eastern Europe. It has already done a few biotechnological implementation for the Polish research centres.

Sygnis Bio Technologies performs as the bioprinting 3D solutions partner for the 3D bioprinted Bionic Pancreas run by Foundation of Research and Science Development.

Sygnis Bio Technologies is also one of a few experts in the field of 3D holotomographic imaging. The company offers cutting edge technology to the scientific world, such as Cellink holographic multiphoton bioprinter - Holograph X, Single-Cell Printer and Nanolive’s CX-A.


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